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Aug 5, 2021

Benefits Of Eating Seasonally

If you’re looking for a good way to eat healthy and still enjoy delicious foods, then eating seasonally might be the best way to go. At Organic Restaurants, we’ve closely examined how this works and whether or not it provides health benefits, and we’ve found that there are more than a few reasons to consider eating seasonally.

Fresher Food

One of the most obvious benefits of a seasonal diet is that you get to enjoy fresher food. You’re getting food that’s grown in season, which means that it often tastes better. In some cases, it probably contains more nutrients as well. Some studies have shown, for example, that broccoli that is grown in peak season contains more vitamin C content than broccoli grown in the off-season.

Diverse Range of Flavors

When you eat seasonally, you never get bored. That’s because you can experience such a diverse range of flavors when you’re eating things that are in season. There are so many good fruits and vegetables to choose from. You’ll have no problem finding things that you enjoy and you’ll get to add so many things with a distinctive flavor to your diet.

Many Nutrition-Packed Options

Eating seasonally can also help you get more of the nutrition you need. You’re encouraged to eat healthier and you’re getting more fresh food, so you’re more likely to consume foods and beverages that offer the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body has been looking for.

More Eco-Friendly

Choosing to eat seasonally can also be the more eco-friendly option. Eating seasonally usually also means eating more local foods. This means that you’re not getting items that have been shipped in from far away, which means that the food you’re consuming didn’t end up creating a bunch of extra emissions just to get to you.

Less Expensive

In many cases, eating seasonally can also end up being less expensive. If you’re getting your food locally, from smaller farms, when it’s in season, you’re probably going to end up paying less for it than you would pay for produce that’s been shipped in from all over the place.

You Might Discover Something New

Another great thing about eating seasonally is that you might discover something new. If you’re sticking just to foods that are in season, you might end up noticing that there are some foods that you haven’t tried before. If you’re interested in getting more variety in your diet, you’re going to end up trying out some of those new things. You might just end up discovering a new favorite food.

Learn More About Local, Healthy Produce

So if you’re ready to learn more about eating healthy and buying locally, check out the Organic Restaurants website. We can tell you about local organic markets and eateries to support, and we can tell you more about things like eating seasonally.

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