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Sep 4, 2020

Benefits Of Fair Trade Coffee

What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

You may have heard of fair trade coffee before, but is it really worth switching over from your regular coffee brand to one that’s supported by fair trade? At Organic Restaurants, we believe it is. There are just so many benefits to switching over to a brand that considers the economic, social, and environmental impacts of the coffee trade. Here’s how you’re making a difference when you opt for fair trade coffee.

Small Farmers are Paid Fairly

Fair trade sets rules and regulations about pay and profits, meaning that the small farmers who produce those coffee beans that you rely on to get through the day are compensated fairly. Coffee prices can be volatile, but instead of simply letting a rough market drive farmers into poverty, fair trade rules ensure that they are always paid fairly and able to meet their basic needs.

Women Get More Opportunities

Fair trade coffee can also give women more opportunities to succeed in the agriculture field. Cooperatives frequently give female farmers a chance that a big factory farm or brand might not have provided them. These opportunities can help these women lift themselves and their families out of poverty. You may not have realized that you could do some good with that coffee habit of yours, but switching over to fair trade brands could make a bigger difference than you expect.

Farms are More Sustainable

Farms that provide fair trade coffee also focus on sustainability. These farms don’t grow out of control in search of more profits. They grow in a sustainable way, one that’s good for the bottom line but also one that’s good for the environment. This means less usage of pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals. In most cases, you can be sure that your fair trade coffee has been harvested from a farm with high environmental standards.

Many Types of Fair Trade Coffee are Organic

After what you’ve read about the more sustainable farming methods, it’s probably no surprise to you that many types of fair trade coffee are also organic. Roughly half of the fair trade coffee products on the market earn that label. If you’re really trying to make as much of your diet as possible organic, you’ll want to swap out your current coffee with an organic free trade brand that’s been made with care and concern for its environmental impact.

Cooperatives Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

It’s no secret that farms could be devastated by climate change in the coming years. That’s why fair trade cooperatives also help farmers adapt to climate change. They invest in technologies and solutions that can help farms thrive in a changing climate. They work on ways to fight back against disease that could end up decimating coffee crops and preventing you from getting that cup of morning joe. A farm that grows fair trade coffee is heavily invested in the environment and the future.

Learn More About Organic Foods

If you’re curious about fair trade or organic coffee, or any other kinds of organic foods, we can help. Visit the Organic Restaurants website today and learn more about the organic restaurants around you, including the ones that sell coffee.

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