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Jun 15, 2020

Organic Restaurants You Will Love in San Antonio

San Antonio’s Best Organic Restaurants

The seventh-largest US city, San Antonio is a rapidly growing city with an active young professional population that supports a vibrant and diverse landscape of restaurants. The growing trends in health and wellness have inspired many of these restaurants to embrace and use organic and locally sourced ingredients in their dishes. In this blog, follow Organic Restaurants as we take a short tour of some of San Antonio’s organic restaurants. 

Sweet Yams Organic Takeout/Delivery

This amazing establishment’s on a mission to “heal the world through food; nurturing your mind, body, and soul with organic local and organic nationwide ingredients.” And their menu absolutely delivers on this promise. Boasting a gluten-free and vegan-friendly listing of dishes, the restaurant also offers catering services, an organic meal prep program, and an expansive organic juice healing program. You can take a look at Sweet Yam’s current menu and hours of operations at the website. 

Biga on the Banks

Opened by Chef Bruce Auden in 2000, Biga on the Banks is a mainstay of the San Antonio Riverwalk. A multi-venue establishment that offers private dining and caters to weddings, Biga on the Banks has an extensive menu with multiple organic offerings, and often offers Prix Fixe menus, tasting menus, and seasonal menus to help provide diners with a signature experience no matter what they choose. 

The Cove

Owned and operated by Lisa Asvestas, The Cove boasts a passion for dishes made from ingredients that are sustainable, organic, and local. So strong is their passion for healthy and organic ingredients that the restaurant maintains a kitchen garden to support its focus on healthy, unprocessed ingredients. Alongside beef sourced from regenerative ranches, you can find tacos, burgers, nachos and other Tex-Mex inspired menu items.

Pharm Table

Recently featured on 60 Minutes and winner of the 2017 Best Vegetarian Critics Choice award, Pharm tT a mission of sharing farm-fresh meals in order to improve the quality of life for diners, Pharm Table offers a primarily plant-based, nutrient-dense menu featuring smaller portions of animal proteins. Spanning across a number of cuisines, menu items are listed as vegan to start with the ability to add proteins as you need. Also featuring a meal plan program for diners and brunches on the weekends, Pharm Table maintains an amazingly well-shot Instagram that highlights the beautiful menu items San Antonio residents can expect during this great organic dining experience. 

Do You Have a Favorite Organic Restaurant in San Antonio?

Restaurants that provide organic menu options are often also focused on sustainability and environmental awareness, as well as supporting the local economy by using locally sourced ingredients. In this article, we here at Organic Restaurants have highlighted some of our favorite San Antonio organic restaurants, but we want you to find your own favorite. Search our database and see what the local community has to offer. Are you a manager or owner of a San Antonio organic restaurant that hasn’t yet claimed its free or premium listing at Organic Restaurants? Get in touch, so we can help you grow your business.

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