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May 12, 2021

Supporting Local Businesses in Hard Times

These are hard times for everyone, but small businesses have been hit especially hard during the pandemic. If you want to support your local small businesses, there are many ways to do so. At Organic Restaurants, we’ve come up with some methods for boosting eateries that you love. You can even do most of these things without spending money yourself, so you’re not powerless even if your budget is a bit tight.

Buy Gift Cards

This is the most tangible way to support a restaurant you love. If you’ve temporarily relocated or the restaurant temporarily closed due to the pandemic, both common occurrences over the last year or so, you can still help out financially. Buy a gift card and remind yourself to check out that place you love again, once everything has calmed down.

Interact with Them on Social Media

If you don’t have too much spending money these days, interacting with them on social media is a free activity that can be quite helpful. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube thrive on engagement. People need to respond to posts from companies, and then that engagement boosts said posts in the algorithm so that even more people see it. Helping boost the follower count and social media engagement of a restaurant you love can help improve their online visibility.

Leave a Good Review

A good review is invaluable to any restaurant. A Yelp page is often one of the first results to pop up in a search engine, right after the restaurant’s website. Google reviews are prominently displayed when someone searches for an eatery. Having high marks from sources like these can help a restaurant out.

Reviewing just takes a little bit of time. If you enjoyed a place, let other people know. It’s a great, free way to support a restaurant that you like.

Tell Friends and Family About Them

On that same note, giving recommendations is free too. If your friends or family members are looking for a new place to try out, don’t hesitate to drop the names of some of your favorite organic eateries. You could help these businesses pick up some valued repeat customers.

Work With Them Directly

If you’re a business owner, there might be a mutually beneficial opportunity to work with a restaurant that you love. If you can somehow use your business to raise awareness for a restaurant you love, that’s a great bonus.

Check out Their Website

Checking out a restaurant’s website can also help their bottom line. They might generate ad revenue or have affiliate links. If you can somehow help out one of your favorite restaurants while you’re just doing your normal online activities, do so.

Buy Local

If you can buy local, do. Don’t forget about those small businesses near you, even if ordering online from a big retailer seems more convenient at the time.

For More Info About How to Help Small Businesses

If you want to help out small businesses, follow this guide and check out the Organic Restaurants website. We can tell you more about organic farmers’ markets and eateries in your area. You might just discover a new favorite.

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