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Feb 5, 2021

Tell Your Customers Where Their Food Comes From

If you’re running a restaurant and want to keep a loyal base of customers coming back for healthy organic food again and again, one simple change can make a big difference. Tell your customers where their food came from. It does not seem like this would matter that much, but changing diets, demographics, and preferences all mean that this is a smart move.

People Want to Eat “Clean”

More and more diners are concerned about eating “clean.” They want to know where their food comes from. They want to make sure that produce hasn’t been treated with too many pesticides and that the food they’re eating isn’t full of preservatives and junk. Telling them about where you get the ingredients from can put their mind at ease and keep them coming back to your restaurant to eat healthy.

Millennial Eating Habits

Millennials are more likely to want to know where their food comes from than previous generations were. They are also far more likely to visit the website for your restaurant before coming by in person. If you want your business to last, you need to court younger customers as well. Telling them where their food comes from can help with that. If your website mentions how you support local farms and source organic ingredients, that could catch the eye of a younger diner and encourage them to come in. Best of all, many older millennials have started families and, if your restaurant is family-friendly, that could mean big business.

People Like to Support Local

Many diners like to support local farms and their local economy. If you tell them where their food comes from and highlight that it’s local, they can feel good about dining at your establishment. They could decide to keep coming back, and they may not mind paying just a little bit more if they know the food is high-quality and helps support the local economy.

More People Are Interested in Where Food Comes From

Simply put, more and more people from every demographic have become more interested in where their food comes from. If your restaurant gives potential diners these details on your website or in your menu, it could encourage them to try out what you have to offer. You can even have wait staff trained and ready to give more specific information about ingredient sourcing when customers have questions.

Diners Care About the Environment

As more people think about the environment and how to lower their carbon footprint, a restaurant that serves local foods or at least tells you where all of its food comes from can attract their attention. If your produce is local, it traveled a shorter distance to get to you. That means fewer carbon emissions were released to deliver those key ingredients to you. This is something that the eco-conscious diner does think about. Letting them know where their food comes from can let them know that they are doing something small to help the environment. That could be just the thing needed to separate you from the competition.

For More Customer Service Tips

If you want to learn more about how your restaurant can continue to attract customers, check out the Organic Restaurants blog. We can tell you more about navigating an evolving market and changing customer preferences.

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