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Dec 17, 2019

The Top Organic Restaurants to Try in New York This Winter

It’s no secret that New York City is a popular tourist destination for people located throughout the United States and all over the world. In fact, the Big Apple welcomed a record-setting 65.2 million visitors in 2018 alone, making 2018 the ninth consecutive year that the city’s total number of annual tourists increased.

Why are so many people eager to visit NYC every year? Some may visit the city for business reasons while others may come to check out popular tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. We’re sure at least a few visitors make their way to New York to catch a Broadway show while others will visit to catch a professional hockey, basketball or baseball game.

There are plenty of things that draw tourists to New York each year and every winter. And Organic Restaurants can assure you that the city’s many eateries – including its many organic restaurants – are among the countless reasons people flock to the Big Apple all year long. 

The Organic Grill

Since it first opened in the summer of 2000, The Organic Grill has been named in a seemingly countless number of lists identifying the best New York organic restaurants. As the sole organic and vegan eatery located on the Lower East Side of New York, this restaurant fills up with healthy eaters fast, day in and day out.

The Organic Grill is committed to using seasonal ingredients that are organic and sustainable. The eatery is also dedicated to supporting local growers. The restaurant’s commitment to creating delicious meals that are incomparable is obvious in its homemade cheeses, sausages, burgers and sauces.


Now with a location on the Upper West Side, Bareburger is well-known for serving mindful, feel-good food that’s sure to satisfy. Bareburger uses a network of partners and farmers to provide clean comfort food, with every burger, salad and sandwich originating from within the chain’s closely-knit network. Bareburger is proud that more than one-third of its menu consists of vegetarian and plant-based fare that’s as filling as it is tasty.

Bareburger’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the food on is dining tables and in its kitchens. It literally impacts the very walls that house each of the chain’s eateries. Every Bareburger restaurant is constructed with reclaimed and recycled building materials, which gives every Bareburger its own unique, vibrant look and feel.

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or carnivore, you’ll find something you’ll love on Bareburger’s menu. Once you dine at Bareburger, you’ll see that the food it serves up is anything but bare.


While you may think an eatery with the name “Grounded” may be a restaurant that features organic burgers, that’s not the case. Located in the West Village, Grounded is an organic coffee and tea house that features delicious beverages that are sure to delight your taste buds and put some pep in your step. This coffee and tea house also serves up some yummy fare, such as delicious sandwiches made with premium organic ingredients like Amish cheddar and multigrain bread.

Souen Noodle

Souen Noodle has been serving authentic organic food to New Yorkers since 1971. Nestled in the heart of the East Village, Souen Noodle prepares food simply and naturally using nothing but the best grains, beans and produce available. You won’t find any refined ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, meat or dairy products in Souen Noodle’s kitchen, which only reinforces the healthful quality and natural flavors you’ll enjoy when you dine at this long-standing establishment.

The Lite Choice

Located between Broadway and Columbus, The Lite Choice should be your destination if you only eat organic and find yourself craving dessert when you’re in the Big Apple. Serving ice cream and other novelties that don’t have any corn syrup, preservatives, gluten, rBST hormones or artificial additives, The Lite Choice is a great choice for any sweet tooth who wants a low fat, low carb, low calorie, all-natural dessert.

Café Viva Gourmet Pizza

Just like New York is known for its tourist attractions and bustling nightlife, it’s also well-known for its mouth-watering pizza. Café Viva Gourmet Pizza could single-handedly be responsible for the city’s reputation as the source for outstanding pizza – the pizza it sells is simply that good.

Pizza isn’t the only thing on the menu here. Café Viva Gourmet Pizza also uses organic, all-natural ingredients to make pasta, calzones and side dishes that are simply to-die-for. Whenever you’re craving Italian food that’s equal parts healthy and hearty, head over to Café Viva Gourmet Pizza on Broadway.


Whether you want to enjoy an intimate meal or book a group event, set your GPS to 11 Bleecker Street in New York City. That’s where you’ll find Quartino. This eatery only uses the finest ingredients to produce food that will make you salivate long before it even hits the table. 

It’s not just the food that’s organic at Quartino. The wines served at this restaurant are either organic or biodynamic, and all of them are produced using traditional methods exclusively. Given the way the wine is made, one bottle may differ slightly from another even if it’s the same kind, which means every bottle will be a unique adventure for wine lovers.

If you’re going to host a party, you should choose Quartino as your host venue. The restaurant’s private garden can accommodate up to 35 seated or 50 standing guests with ease. Quartino will even create a customized menu for your guests to enjoy.

Sacred Chow

Sullivan Street is where you’ll find the celebrated Sacred Chow. Organic, Vegan, Kosher, gluten-free and responsibly produced foods are all specialties at Sacred Chow, much to the delight of healthy eaters with a wide array of palates and dining preferences.

Organic Restaurants: Your Source for the Best New York Organic Restaurants

Whether you’re craving Italian, a sandwich, café fare or something else, New York is home to an organic restaurant that caters to your tastes. To find one that’s right up your alley, refer to our list of New York organic restaurants. Don’t forget to come back to our site to leave a review whenever you dine at an organic restaurant in NYC this winter!

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