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May 1, 2014

Tips to Finding Organic Restaurants In Brisbane Australia


When you’re looking for a place to eat that only serves organic food, it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain if they are using the word “organic” as a buzzword or if the food really is organically grown whether you are in Brisbane Australia or anywhere in the world. Here are 6 tips you can use to find out if they really are organic:

First Tip: Ask them where they purchase the meat, produce and dairy products. They should tell you they buy from the local farmers who have been organically certified. The farms are usually within 50 miles and sometimes as far away as 80 miles, depending on the time of year.

Second Tip: Ask them for a taste of the food they will be serving you. Again, if they don’t have anything to hide they won’t mind. If you’re just curious about the taste of organic or conventional, a test sample will tell you the difference between organic and conventional.

Third Tip: Ice cream, cookies, and other food that are usually snacks are still junk food. They may be made from organic ingredients, but they are still junk food, especially if the food is fried or processed. Be sure the organic restaurant doesn’t serve organic junk food.

Fourth Tip: Ask as many questions as you need to ascertain if the restaurant is really using organic food. It doesn’t hurt to ask questions, and if they have nothing to hide, they will answer your questions without any problem. If they hesitate to answer them, you may want to visit another restaurant that is truly organic.

To help you find organic restaurants in Brisbane Australia, you can visit our results page here to view listings.

If you don’t want to go through any of these tips to find an organic eatery, you can always go to the Organic Restaurants finder and find the closest eatery to you. They have a directory that lists all the restaurants in Brisbane.

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