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Nov 9, 2020

Best Takeout Items For Lunch or Dinner

8 Top Takeout Items When Ordering To-Go

If you’re adding takeout items for your menu, you have to be sure that it will hold up on a trip out to the customer and taste just as good in their home as it would in your restaurant. Fortunately for restaurants that serve organic food, there are plenty of great organic meals that can make for great takeout items. 

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Here are some of our favorite to-go meals at Organic Restaurants.


Burgers are one of the most versatile items out there for organic restaurants. There are so many ways to cater to so many kinds of tastes. For meat-eaters, there are plenty of organic options. You can sell beef, chicken, and turkey burgers, or go a bit more exotic with organic meats like bison and elk.

Then there are all the veggie and vegan-friendly options. The Beyond Burger has risen in popularity lately, but there are tons of great veggie burgers out there as well. There’s a reason burgers have always been a takeout staple, they travel well and it’s generally not hard to get the family to agree on them. There’s no reason that your organic restaurant can’t get into the game.


There are so many great organic ingredients that you could use in your pizza. Organic vegetables to make the source, organic meats and veggies for toppings, gluten-free pizza crusts, and even vegan-friendly cheese alternatives. There are many ways for restaurants that serve organic food to make great pizzas, and they’re a great takeout option if you’re trying to expand into that space.


Sandwiches travel well and can make great takeout options for any meal of the deal. Egg sandwiches, or vegan alternatives, are great for breakfast. Organic meats can be a key ingredient of hearty lunch or dinner sandwiches. Of course, you’ll also want to offer organic cheeses and vegetables as toppings.


A salad full of organic vegetables makes for a great lunch or appetizer. It can also be a great healthy side for anyone who doesn’t want to opt for fries with their burger.

Macaroni Dishes

We already talked about pizza and how there are many great ways to make an organic sauce and use organic vegetables in your meals. Take that logic and apply it to pasta dishes, maybe with some gluten-free pasta, and you have some great takeout dishes on your hands. An organic mac and cheese dish is sure to be a popular takeout item as well.

Baked Goods

There are plenty of ways to make traditional baked goods, from brownies to muffins, with healthier organic ingredients. As an added bonus, these types of snacks travel well and can sell all day long. Whether someone needs a breakfast muffin or has a craving for cookies after dinner, your takeout menu is there.

Time for Organic Takeout

Now that you have some ideas, you’re ready to experiment with a takeout menu of your own. Keep an eye on the Organic Restaurants blog for more takeout and fresh organic food ideas, and get ready to deliver some amazing food to your customers!

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