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May 27, 2021

Are Meat Substitutes Healthy? Does it Matter?

Switching to a plant-based diet is usually associated with getting healthier and eating clean. However, some people point out that some vegan and plant-based food isn’t exactly healthy. It may be true that not every type of organic food is necessarily the best thing for you, but at the Organic Restaurants blog, we have a few thoughts about “vegan junk food,” meat substitutes, and how you can transition to a healthier diet.

Vegan “Junk Food” Not Linked to Disease

There are vegan foods that aren’t the healthiest thing around. Vegan junk food definitely exists, but here’s why we don’t think that avoiding them completely is actually a necessity.

When you look at traditional junk food or meat, the problem is that they can be linked to serious diseases. Many meat-based produces have been linked to the development of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Reducing the amount of meat in your diet can help you lower your chances of developing such ailments.

That’s why, even if a vegan meal or snack isn’t completely healthy for you, it’s often a better alternative to commonly available processed foods. You can enjoy “vegan junk food” with a little less guilt, and it might be able to help you transition to a healthier diet.

Can Help Transition to Other, Healthier Items

Trying to change up your entire diet in one step is not advisable. It’s hard to make such big changes in one go, which is why trying out some vegan foods can be the first step towards a healthier diet without getting intimidated or overwhelmed.

Even if you’re not eating the healthiest vegan or plant-based items, you’re probably eating something that’s healthier than you would normally eat. Let’s take one of the most popular side dishes around, french fries, as an example. These delicious and salty treats are mostly just empty carbohydrates and sodium. You can replace them with sweet potato fries, a staple at organic eateries these days, which actually offer nutrients like vitamin A, magnesium, and potassium. Then maybe you can transition from there to healthier, vegetable-based side dishes, like steamed veggies.

This goes for meat substitutes as well. A seasoned black bean burger is generally going to be healthier for you than a beef burger would be, even if you opt for all of the toppings, condiments, and unhealthy side dishes. Vegan foods can help you take small steps towards a healthier diet as you replace less healthy items with more and more plant-based foods.

Makes You Think More About What You Eat

Another benefit of vegan food, even vegan “junk food,” is that eating vegan takes a bit of work! You need to do research and try out different products. It can make you more mindful overall and help ensure that you don’t just consume meals and snacks without thinking too much about them.

Learn More About Plant-Based Diets

If you want to learn more about plant-based foods, organic eateries, and healthy diets, our website and blog can help. Visit the Organic Restaurants site and read more about vegan foods, meat substitutes, and so much more!

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