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Aug 3, 2020

Guide To Mushrooms

Are Mushrooms Good For You?

For some, mushrooms are an acquired taste, but once they find their way into your diet they’re sure to become a staple. There are many benefits to eating mushrooms found at organic markets, but you can also find them by foraging if you know which edible mushrooms to look for. If you have any questions about mushrooms, Organic Restaurants can answer them!

Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

Each type of edible mushroom contains protein, fiber, and B vitamins. Some also contain powerful antioxidants that can protect your immune system. There are also some unique types of mushrooms, like white button mushrooms, that are a good source of other nutrients. In this case, that nutrient is vitamin D, making white button mushrooms one of the only non-animal sources of this nutrient. This is part of the reason why mushrooms can be so critical to the diets of vegans and vegetarians.

Studies have also shown that mushrooms have other health benefits, in addition to simply offering nutrients and vitamins that you need. Some mushrooms could help protect against cancer by protecting cells against damage and fighting back against the growth and formation of tumors. They can also help lower cholesterol, which can help in the fight against heart disease. Mushrooms can even help treat and manage neurodegenerative disease, like Alzheimer’s.

Recipe Ideas

Now that you see all of the benefits of mushrooms, you probably want to know the best way to eat them. While some mushrooms taste just fine when eaten raw, most people like to incorporate them into meals. Fortunately, many mushrooms keep their nutrients after being cooked. Grilling them for a short time in a small amount of oil can actually increase their antioxidant activity.

Mushrooms go great in vegetable dishes and work well with asparagus, garlic, onions, and more. They can be used as a topping on burgers, whether you go for the traditional hamburger or a meatless burger. They also make a great side dish for meats like steak, chicken, or seafood. These flavorful, nutrient-packed ingredients are quite versatile.

How to Forage

Getting mushrooms from an organic market or farmer’s stand is great, but some mushroom lovers like to take things to the next level. We’re talking about foraging! This is when you go out into the wild yourself and find edible mushrooms on your own. We can’t think of a better way to make sure that your food is locally sourced!

You just need a bag for your mushrooms and something to cut them out of the ground, as that is better than taking them out from the roots, Also prepare for foraging to be a bit random. Sometimes you’ll find tons of great mushrooms for cooking, sometimes you’ll find nothing. Make sure that you’re enjoying yourself even if you don’t make any big finds!

And, of course, make sure that you know what an edible mushroom looks like. Use an app or a book that clearly identifies edible mushrooms, and stay safe while foraging!

For More Natural Food Ideas

So if you’re interested in foraging, organic produce, or just mushrooms in general, keep an eye on our website for our latest tips and advice. Organic Restaurants is your source for the info you need about healthy living!

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