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Jan 15, 2013

Busy Lives and Healthy Resolutions


an organic 2013  grassrootsHappy New Year! Have you made any health-centered resolutions this year? Perhaps you’ve decided to go organic, cut out gluten, lose some weight, or train for a triathlon. No matter what you want to modify, one thing is for sure- our busy lifestyles are making it more challenging than ever to get out of a rut and make a change.

Meeting dietary needs like vegan, organic, or gluten-free is simple enough if you cook every meal from scratch, because you know exactly what went into that meal. The problem is that, out of all the people I know, very few of them have the time or ability to do this.

We live increasingly busy lives, especially this time of year, when many of us are implementing new behaviors into our daily schedules. Most of us buy pre-made food or eat out at least a few times a week. Made-from-scratch meals, a given in nearly every American home a mere 50 years ago, are becoming something of a luxury. It requires significant time for planning, shopping, prepping, and cleaning, something many people just don’t have every day. So, they eat out.

It can be incredibly difficult to meet unique dietary needs when eating out (ask anyone who eats gluten-free). It’s hard enough at a traditional grocery store! Those who want to know precisely what went into their meal and how it was prepared used to have to do a lot of research on each individual restaurant they eat at, which can be intimidating when your dietary change is based on desire and not severe allergy. But not anymore!

Our comprehensive online directory provides credible, honest ratings and reviews on restaurants and places offering organic and special interest foods. We report on everything from the quality of the ingredients to the quality of service. You can filter results according to your unique needs and find the place that best fits your situation and location, allowing you to eat healthy, organic food no matter where you are and what’s on your schedule for the day.

Our ratings and reviews are trustworthy- we know how important your diet is and we take the take of providing information very seriously. We wouldn’t share a listing if we didn’t think it deserved to be included!

The value of isn’t just in the fact that creating an account is completely free; it’s the way it simplifies your life. By providing you information about where to buy the food you need, we’re saving you valuable time and energy that you can pour into other things. Instead of reading reviews on random websites, calling around, and researching, just jump on our directory. Filter results based on what you need, read a couple user reviews, and go. When you’ve finished your meal, we’d love it if you took another minute to leave a review of your own to make our directory even better.

Whether eating healthy is something you’ve done for a long time, or a relatively new change in your lifestyle, is a perfect fit. We wish you all the best in 2013, and good luck on all your resolutions! To your health!

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