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Feb 19, 2021

Creating A Restaurant Experience At Home With Takeout

Many of us miss dining in restaurants. If you’re one of them, then maybe taking the time to create a restaurant experience in your own home is something you would be interested in. Get some organic takeout and follow these tips, and you can go back to that familiarity of dining in a pre-COVID world.

Set the Mood and the Table

If you want a takeout dinner to feel more like one at a sit-down restaurant, make sure that your dining room looks the part. Set the table and neaten everything up. Maybe dim the lights a bit if you’re frequently going to restaurants that really turn up the ambiance. Make it feel like you’re somewhere else for a little while.

You can use the good tablecloth, one you usually set aside for special occasions, and light some candles as well. Anything that you can do to make it seem like you’re not in your own home on a typical quarantine night can make a difference.

Use Actual Plates and Silverware

As tempting as it is to scarf down delicious, hot food right from the takeout container, instead take the time to put your food on an actual plate. Eat with silverware, just like you would at a restaurant. If you have some nicer place settings that you normally save for big events or get-togethers, use them now. We’ve all eaten countless takeout meals during this pandemic, so let’s make sure that this one feels different.

Dress Up a Bit

Actually act like you’re going out to a restaurant. We’ve all been tempted to stay in casual clothes all day during this quarantine, but taking off the sweats, pajamas, and hoodies and putting on something a bit nicer can really make this feel like a big occasion.

Make a Playlist

Take some time to make a playlist that sets the kind of energy you look for in a dining experience. Whether it’s just music you like or music from the same region your food is coming from, a good playlist can really help set the mood.

Have a Dinner Party… Remotely

One of the best parts about going out to eat is hanging out with a group of your friends and catching up over drinks and good food. If you want to recreate that at home, find a night when some friends are available and have a dinner party. Of course, we mean over Zoom or a similar program. We all could use a bit more socializing with what this pandemic has put us through, and this is a great way to feel like you’re getting out and doing something you’ve always done at a restaurant.

Break Out the Good Stuff

If you have a nice bottle of wine or some spirits around, make the most of the night and bring them out. They will class up the affair a bit, even if you’re just ordering food from the place around the corner.

Make the Most Out of Your Organic Food

If you want to learn more about organic eateries near you and how to find healthy options you’ll love, visit the Organic Restaurants website. We make it easy to find local places to support.

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