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Apr 3, 2013

In Season: Strawberries

Spring has sprung, and in most areas of the country, that means strawberries are now in season. You probably know that strawberries are good for you, but do you know why?

The Stats

  • 1 Cup of fresh strawberries has:
  • 46 calories
  • 11g carbohydrates
  • 3g dietary fiber
  • 7g sugar
  • 98 mg Vitamin C
  • 40 mcg Folate

They’re low in saturated fat and sodium and have no cholesterol. They’re high in fiber, Vitamin C, potassium, and manganese.

strawberryThe Benefits

Immunity Boosting: A cup of strawberries meets your daily requirement for Vitamin C which keeps your immune system up and running.

Antioxidants: The antioxidants in strawberries do everything from preventing cataracts to fighting cancer cells to reducing inflammation to slowing aging.

Youthful Skin: Strawberries contain ellagic acid, which a recent study found actually slows the breakdown of collagen.

Heart Health: The phytochemicals in strawberries counteract the effect of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood, preventing plaque build-up in arteries. Strawberries regulate blood pressure, and their anti-inflammatory properties are also great for the heart.

Bone Health: Strawberries are packed with manganese which supports strong, healthy bones.

Pre-Natal Health: Women who are pregnant or hoping to conceive need plenty of folate, especially in the first trimester. Folate, found in high levels in strawberries, aids in the development of baby’s nervous system and prevents birth defects like spina bifida.

How to Eat Strawberries

Who doesn’t love strawberries? They’re easy to eat, they’re a beautiful color, and they’re hard for the pickiest kid to turn down. Of course, the easiest way is to eat them fresh, but there are lots of ways to incorporate strawberries into your meals. Toss them with baby spinach and poppyseed dressing for an easy salad. Dip them in chocolate for a healthy treat. Blend them into a smoothie. Mix them with some sugar, dust them with a streusel topping, and bake a quick strawberry crisp.

What’s your favorite way to eat strawberries?

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