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May 11, 2021

Is Your Delivery Habit Hurting Your Favorite Restaurant?

Getting your favorite food delivered is convenient, but could it be hurting your favorite restaurant? More and more people are ordering delivery these days, partly thanks to the pandemic, but another factor that has led to the increase is the proliferation of food delivery apps.

Food delivery apps are incredibly convenient, but they could be hurting your favorite organic food places. It doesn’t seem to make sense. How is ordering more from my favorite restaurant a bad thing for them? We’ll show you how the convenience of delivery could have a downside.

Apps Come with Extra Expenses

Food delivery apps don’t do what they do purely out of kindness. Every time you order through an app, that app is getting a cut. Unfortunately, many restaurants are operating on narrow margins. This means that they can’t afford many more costs than the ones that they are already dealing with.

This means that those fees from delivery apps could end up putting them in the red. Of course, you don’t want this, but it may just be the price of convenience. Think carefully about ordering through an app when you’re dealing with a smaller business.

Delivery Apps Withhold Data

Have you ever noticed that your delivery app will give you suggestions? “You like Restaurant X, try Restaurant Y!” It’s able to do that because it’s collecting data on you, learning about your preferences, and helping you find other similar eateries.

However, this data is rarely shared with the restaurant itself! Data that could help the restaurant pull in more customers more often is largely withheld. Instead, the app monopolizes the info and just hopes you’ll order from any restaurant through them. They collect their fees either way.

Delivery Makes Up a Bigger Portion of Business Than Before

The pandemic is certainly a factor, but delivery orders were on the rise before anyway. This just compounds the above products. Delivery apps take a bite out of every order, and no delivery orders are taking up a larger and larger portion of the business.

If a restaurant is struggling due to the rise in delivery orders, that problem may just get worse over time, even as life returns to normal after the pandemic runs its course.

Ask How They Want You to Order

If you’re not sure how the rise in delivery orders and the spread of apps affect your favorite place, you can take a simple step to make sure that you’re supporting them as best you can. Simply ask them how they would prefer you to order. Are they only on the apps or do they have a website where no one else takes a cut? Can you just call in an order? Are there discounts or specials for anyone who chooses to dine in? If there’s a better way to support a restaurant, they will tell you.

Support Your Local Restaurants

If you can avoid the delivery apps, do so. This small step can help you support the restaurants that you love. Also, visit Organic Restaurants to learn more about the fresh food places around you. Our website might just be able to help you find your next favorite!

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