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Sep 14, 2021

Is Your Favorite Restaurant Eco-Friendly?

Choosing Eco-Friendly Restaurants

If you’re trying to live a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle, your diet is important. That continues to be true when you’re going out to eat. How do you know if that organic cafe is eco-friendly and if you can trust that you’re making an ethical dining decision?

Fortunately, there are many things that a restaurant can do to become more eco-friendly. Here’s what you should look for when you check out a new place in your neighborhood.

They Tell You Where the Food is From

Sometimes the restaurant’s menu can tell you exactly where your food is coming from. If the menu mentions local farms or co-ops when it talks about the meat and produces, the restaurant you’re in is probably making an effort to be more eco-friendly. Buying locally is more sustainable because the shipment of ingredients creates fewer emissions since they’re not going as far. A small local farm may also be more sustainable when it comes to how they raise their cattle or grow their produce.

Also, look for info about the seafood. The sustainable sourcing of food is always important, but it’s especially critical when it comes to fish and other foods that come from the sea.

The Containers are Recyclable

If you order too much food, you can always get a doggy bag. When the containers for taking home your food come out, pay close attention. Are they made from recyclable or sustainable materials? If the restaurant has considered how their takeout containers affect the environment, that’s a big deal and a good sign that you’re eating at a place that takes sustainability seriously. You also know that you’ll get the same kind of recyclable containers when you order takeout, so you order without guilt.

Cloth Napkins Instead of Paper Ones

Paper napkins and tablecloths are convenient in a restaurant setting, but they create so much waste. An eco-friendly restaurant has probably replaced these with cloth napkins and cloth tablecloths. You’ll also probably notice a lack of plastic utensils, even when you order takeout.

LEED Certification

A LEED certification is given to certain buildings by the United States Green Building Council. This shows that a building was built for more efficient use of energy and water. Not every restaurant can take up residence in a LEED-certified building, but it’s a bonus for eco-friendly eateries.

Even the Bathroom is Green

You can be sure that a restaurant is eco-friendly when even their bathroom is green. A bathroom that uses energy-efficient hand dryers, natural soap, and motion-activated lighting is helping a restaurant in its goals to use as few resources as possible and to be as kind to the earth as possible. You’ll probably notice a lack of paper towels in an eco-friendly restaurant’s bathroom too.

Learn More About Eco-Friendly Restaurants Near You!

If you’re looking for more eco-friendly restaurants and organic eateries, we can help. Visit the Organic Restaurants website and find a new favorite next time you go out to eat.

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