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Dec 17, 2019

Keeping Your Favorite Holiday Meals Organic

While the holiday season kicks off after Halloween and wraps up with the arrival of the New Year, holidays of all sorts happen throughout the rest of the year as well. Whether you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, National Workaholics Day or another holiday, sticking to your chosen diet is important if you’ve committed to eating organic.

The easiest way you can ensure the fare you consume on any given holiday is actually organic food is to make your holiday meal yourself. When you make your own meals, you get to pick the ingredients you’ll use, which gives you the chance to ensure they’re all certified organic. 

Tips for Dining Out on a Holiday

If you’re going to dine out to celebrate a holiday, it can be much more challenging to adhere to an organic diet. That’s because you won’t have control over the preparation of your food and you might not even be able to see your meal being prepared.

Not being able to control your food’s preparation isn’t a reason to miss out on the fun that’s often involved with eating out. To make sure you are served organic food on an upcoming holiday, you can do a few things beforehand.

Research Organic Restaurants Near You

One of the simplest things you can do to ensure your holiday fare is organic is to research organic restaurants near you. To find organic restaurants close to your location, you can rely on Organic Restaurants. Make sure you read the online reviews for the restaurants you’re considering to see if anyone has questioned or confirmed the organic authenticity of the food served. 

Just like consuming organic food can provide meaningful health benefits, so can drinking organic wine. With that in mind, make sure the eatery you choose serves organic wine that will pair well with the food you’re going to order.

Contact the Restaurant

Even if a restaurant isn’t certified organic, the establishment may still be willing to prepare a dish using organic ingredients for you, especially on a holiday. If you’re making a reservation for a large group that includes a considerable number of people who eat organic food, the restaurant may also be willing to whip up some specially made organic food that isn’t on its standard menu.

Identify Yourself

When you arrive for your holiday meal, make sure you identify yourself as an organic eater, but do so subtly. If you contacted the restaurant before the holiday and you’re the only organic diner in your group, arrive early so you can alert your server without making anyone else uncomfortable about their own food choices.

Is your significant other treating you to a holiday meal, or are you just meeting a few friends for a casual dining experience? If so, you can wait until you’re seated to let your server know that you’re an organic eater since your companion(s) will already be familiar with your preference for organic food.

Enjoy Your Food

While it won’t help to ensure your food is organic, it’s still wise to enjoy any holiday meal to the fullest. Whatever holiday you’re preparing to celebrate, we hope you enjoy the festivities and some tasty organic fare and libations to mark the occasion!

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