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Mar 6, 2014

How To Know If Your Favorite Restaurant Is Faking Organic – Only The Food Can Tell

carrotWhat’s new in the world of organic? Restaurants faking organic food!

How can they be so greedy? And that’s all it is. They are losing business to the real organic restaurants and they want them back. They don’t know they can be just as organic if they talked to the local farmers who are now using organic growing practices.

All they, the fakers, have to do is check organic restaurant finder and find other restaurants that use the local farmers. They don’t seem to understand the purpose of organic food information is to ensure you know what you’re putting into your body. The fact of stating you’re organic when you’re not is false advertising. Since the number of farmers in Australia that are increasing their crop yields is due to organic practices.

How can you trust an eatery if they make false claims about what they are serving you? You can’t. So that’s when you flip open your mobile phone and go to organic restaurant finder to locate a restaurant that does serve real organic food.

These days more farmers are converting to organic farming mainly because it’s better tasting food, but also because it’s good for the environment. The production practice of using chemicals is destroying our water supply as well as damaging crops and the local flora.

In Australia, the farmers who have gone to organic farming have grown 35% in the last year. They find they are producing more per field than they did in other years. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides to control disease and insects sucks the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins out of the ground, but more importantly, the vegetable themselves are lacking in the vitamins and minerals the body needs to stay healthy.

There are even more cattlemen and poultry farmers who are converting back to nature. They are using less antibiotics and hormones to grow cattle and chickens bigger and faster to meet the demands of the supply for beef and chicken. Those same antibiotics and hormones are transferred from the meat to the people who eat them. That makes your body less likely to respond to antibiotics if you become ill.

Finding a place to eat that really does use organic food can be a hard task, especially when you’re hungry. Using the organic restaurant finder makes it easy for you to locate the closet eatery, whether it’s Thai, Japanese or American food. You’re sure to find the food place that will hit the palate pleasantly.

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