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Apr 15, 2021

Plant-Based Food Choices That Are Everywhere

Plant-Based Food Choices

There are plenty of plant-based foods around that might be perfect for your restaurant menu. Some might even be obvious choices that you’ve seen plenty of people eat before. These foods could have been under your nose the whole time, just waiting to join your restaurant menu to go perfectly with another dish. Here are some things that you might want to add to your offerings, courtesy of Organic Restaurants.


We all love french fries, but what about veggie fries made from something other than potatoes? Sweet potato fries have continued to rise in popularity in recent years, which is no surprise. They’re perfect for dipping, just like regular fries, but come packed with more nutrients, including vitamin A.

There are also zucchini fries and even carrot fries. Many types of veggies make for great fries, and any of them can make an excellent addition to your plant-based menu.

Cauliflower Rice

If you have been to the freezer section of your grocery store lately, you have likely seen packages of cauliflower rice. This is a great low carbohydrate replacement for regular rice. Fortunately, cauliflower keeps its versatility in rice form and goes great with a variety of dishes and different flavors. If you can use regular rice in a meal, cauliflower rice might be a great alternative option. Offer it to your customers as an option and see if people start trying it out!

Veggie Burgers

There are plenty of amazing veggie burger options out there. You can go with the classic black bean variety or even fashion a portabella mushroom into a flavorful and high-protein burger. You can try out new varieties of burgers or simply add more veggie-based toppings to your menu. Grilled eggplant, sweet potato fries, and grilled peaches can all make for interesting additions to the right kind of burger.

Plant-Based Sausage and Meat

Impossible burgers aren’t the only plant-based meat option around. Plant-based sausage has been around for a while, and it has only grown in popularity with the introduction of more brands and varieties. If you sell pizza, plant-based sausage can make an excellent topping option. Or you could simply add it to your breakfast offerings.

Veggie Noodles and Macaroni

Plenty of vegetables can also be made into alternatives for traditional pasta these days. There are boxed pastas that are made with more veggies, like tomato and spinach. If you are looking for a really low-car, plant-based alternative though, you have to look at vegetable noodles.

These noodles, usually made from zucchini or squash, can go great in any pasta dish and blend well with different types of sauces. If you have diners who are carb-conscious, giving them the option of veggie pasta might open up a whole entire section of your menu to them.

For More Menu Ideas

If you want to learn more about great plant-based items that can be added to your menu, visit the Organic Restaurants blog. We’re always hiring great side dishes, meat alternatives, and full meals that diners on a plant-based or vegan diet will love.


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