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Mar 10, 2014

Some Sweet Eats in Boston – SweetGreen

SweetGreenWashington D.C. based SweetGreen is fairly new to the Boston area, and still, every time I go there, the line is almost out the door. Enthusiastic worker bees at the front of the line help tend to your every salad need.

The majority of the SweetGreen menu is salads. Their salads from the menu are delicious, with fresh, seasonal ingredients and creative combinations. If you want to do your own thing, custom salads are available. You can have the works, or a bare bones salad. The employees at SweetGreen will even recommend combinations if you’re having trouble putting together a custom salad. We love the Spicy Sabzi salad (pictured), it’s filling, delicious, and spicy. SweetGreen even has their own app, partnered with LevelUp, so customers can pay with the app, and earn points toward free salad. Best of all, as you spend more, you unlock perks! SweetGreen even donates a portion of your payment through the app to various schools and charities.

Seating at the Boston location is scarce, you can tell this is meant to be a take out joint, but there are those people standing around with salads, longingly staring at the guests who were lucky enough to get a table, waiting patiently (sometimes) for their turn. It’s been brutally cold this winter in Boston, I hope in the summer they have outdoor seating, that would be fabulous!

SweetGreen is much bigger than their restaurants. They do so much to help charities, and schools especially. They have lots of education programs for urban schools, teaching kids the importance of eating healthy and taking care of their bodies, and the environment. SweetGreen also has their own festival! Every year, the SweetLife music and food festival features the hottest bands and musical artists.

America has been in need of a legitimate healthy “fast food” chain for a long time. I think SweetGreen could be that chain. With 22 locations, I hope they continue to grow, providing their awesomeness to salad lovers all over the country. This company has heart, and with the current customer loyalty, I think they could really make it big, and make a difference.

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