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May 28, 2021

Ten Food Trends for Restaurateurs

If you’re in restaurant management, you’re probably wondering what the future holds for the industry. The pandemic was rough on everyone, but diners are coming back. Staying aware of trends could help you attract returning diners and keep them coming back.

Return to Dining Out

The easing of the pandemic means that more and more people will be choosing to dine out. People understandably got a bit stir-crazy over the past year, and diners will be eager to return to their favorite restaurants or try out new eateries on a night out.

More Dining for Special Occasions

People also might be more likely to go out to celebrate special occasions. We’ve had a year of being inside and celebrating milestones at home and over Zoom calls. People who may have stayed in for a birthday or to celebrate a promotion are now more likely to want to leave their homes and find a place to dine out.

Unique Menus and Experiences Will Be in Demand

Diners will also want more unique experiences. Specialized dining events for small groups, with unique menus and offerings, could take off as diners begin to visit restaurants again.

A Demand for Restaurant Experiences, at Home

Many people will be excited to return to restaurants, but some will also still want delivery and a restaurant-like experience at home. Restaurants that think about presentation and get creative with takeout could benefit.

People Will Want Comfort Food

Let’s be honest. The pandemic was rough on everyone. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that comfort food is going to be popular when diners begin returning to restaurants. Feel free to vary up your restaurant’s menu, but don’t remove any staples that customers always love going back to.

More Demand for Plant-Based Meals

Some people started experimenting with their diet and trying out new foods during the pandemic. If people tried out more plant-based foods and healthy veggie options while they were at home, they’re going to want to try similar restaurant foods. If you have interesting plant-based meals to offer, you could be ahead of the game.

New Uses for Tofu

Demand for tofu as a meat substitute is on the rise, so if you can experiment with this popular ingredient your restaurant could attract some attention.

More Mushrooms

Mushrooms are rising in popularity as well. They’re a sustainable ingredient that offers lots of flavors and plenty of nutrients. As a bonus, they’re versatile and can be used in several plant-based meals.

The Rise of Sugar Alternatives

More organic meals are using sugar alternatives. Ingredients like coconut sugar and maple sugar can be used in a variety of dishes, and some foods flavored with these substitutes can even be enjoyed by diabetics or folks on a Keto diet.

in organic foods, coconut sugar/maple sugar can be used in Keto food or food eaten by diabetics

Customer Service Will Be Key

After the year we’ve had, customer service and creating a great experience for your diners will be key. Keeping customers happy will be more important, and more appreciated, than ever before.

For More About the Dining Industry

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