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Jun 20, 2021

Time to Upgrade Your Restaurant POS System?

When you’re in restaurant management, you’re probably more focused on things like the menu, your dining room décor, and managing employees. However, one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is your POS system. This technology has evolved in recent years, and new systems could do a lot more for your restaurant than you might expect.


This cloud-based system is designed to be simple and intuitive. It can be used on iPads, so it’s great for quick-service restaurants and cafes. It also offers plenty of tools that business owners can use to keep their eatery running smoothly. Customize your menu, track inventory items, and even manage employees using this new POS system.


This has become one of the most popular POS systems around for a reason. It can be used on Android or iOS devices, allowing it to transform any tablet or smartphone into a credit card reader. Add-ons make it easy for restaurants to send out invoices or manage their payrolls. You can even sync up with other programs your business uses, like QuickBooks.


This can also be used on both iOS and Android devices. This POS system is great for full-service restaurants because it allows owners to create table maps and monitor real-time sales. You can also update your menu quickly.


This POS system is based on Microsoft software, which some people do prefer. If you’re one of them, you can use this system to build menus, track sales, and manage tables. This is great for full-service restaurants, but Dinerware also offers tablet POS options that are ideal for businesses that expand with a food truck or dining rooms that offer tableside ordering options.


Speaking of tableside ordering, TouchBistro is a POS system that is specifically designed to accept payments right at a customer’s table. It offers tools for splitting bills, managing staff, tracking inventory, and reporting sales. It’s even compatible with payment services like Paypal.


This POS system for iPads can be ideal for eateries with multiple locations or catering businesses to keep track of. There are plenty of custom options available, including add-on applications and different pricing plans based on your needs. This POS system also allows you to track ingredient inventory, online orders, catering orders, outgoing deliveries, and the tables inside of your restaurant. You also get access to several tools that can help you manage your franchise.

Why You Need to Upgrade

If your current POS system is not offering the perks outlined above, like tableside ordering solutions and the ability to manage staff and tables effectively, it’s likely time for an upgrade. Look into all of these options and figure out which works best for you and your restaurant. Don’t let an old point of sales system hold your restaurant or staff back.

For More Restaurant Technology Tips

If you want to learn more about the latest tech available to restaurateurs, visit the Organic Restaurants blog and website. We’re keeping up on the latest advances, and you may just find an upgrade that works perfectly for you and your dining room.

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