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Oct 22, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Eat Organic

Top 5 Reasons to Start Eating
Organic Today

We’ve all read about the numerous health benefits of eating organic food. Research is showing how harmful pesticides can be when consumed, and more families are committing to the organic diet. Why? This article will introduce five reasons organic foods are a smart diet choice:

1. Organic foods will feed the world in the future.

A study conducted by the United Nations in 2008 found that farmers in Africa who stopped using chemicals to fertilize the soil and chose to adopt organic methods actually produced twice as many crops. Further studies conducted over the years have confirmed this correlation.

2. Organic foods can help keep children healthy.

Non-organic foods contain residues from pesticides, as well as all sorts of artificial flavorings, colorings, preservations, additives, enhancers and sweeteners. Organic foods are free of all these substances, and studies have proven that children eating organic are far healthier than those who do not.

Shocking findings, including the fact that some baby formulas are full of genetically modified organisms, just confirm the importance of making sure our children don’t eat anything that is toxic. According to a report in the Daily Mail, it can take up to 10 years to rid our bodies of toxins that lead to various health risks including developmental problems in children.

3. Organic foods contain zero GMOs.

The only way to be 100-percent certain that you are not eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is by eating organic. Organic produce grows without any pesticides or chemically enhanced fertilizer, and organic livestock do not eat fed GMOs.

4. Organic foods are produced to strict standards.

Everything that is grown, packaged and labeled “organic” has had to be certified organic according to strict rules and regulations. This is an assurance that the food we are eating is correctly advertised.

Producers of organic produce use innovative methods to ensure that their products don’t negatively impact the environment. They are also doing their utmost to preserve the diversity of natural resources such as plants, animals and insects.

5. Organic foods taste better.

The healthier and the fresher the food is, the better it will taste.

There’s no question that eating organic is healthy, but how can people eat organic when they dine out? answers this question by providing a directory of restaurants that offer organic dishes. Visit our Organic Restaurant Search page to find one near you.


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