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Apr 11, 2023

Why Choosing an Organic Lifestyle is a Good Idea

There are an array of great reasons to choose to live an organic lifestyle. Not only are you helping the environment around you, but you are also introducing a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. Organic produce has a much lower level of pesticide residues than conventionally grown produce. This means you are ingesting fewer chemicals by choosing organic fruits and vegetables. You can also now find organic fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store. There may not be a wide variety, as in an organic food store.

Not only are organic farming practices much better for the environment, but there are also many other benefits to choosing to live an organic lifestyle. Read on for more information.

Benefits of Living Organically

  1. You receive a higher level of nutrients when eating organic foods over conventionally grown foods.  Organic food has a much higher level of nutrients simply because it is grown in soil that is much more nutrient-rich than more common farmland.
  2. There are no GMO’s in organic food. This means that organic fruits and vegetables have not been genetically modified in a laboratory somewhere. Genetically modified fruits and vegetables have long been a concern for many people when it comes to long-term health effects and their overall safety. By eating organic, you can eat without the stress that comes with worrying about the type of food you are ingesting.
  3. Organic animal products, such as steak, ground beef, chicken, and pork, come from animals that are raised without being fed growth hormones or an overabundance of antibiotics. This is much better for animals as well as humans.
  4. By living an organic lifestyle, you will be helping local farmers since you are supporting the businesses within your own community. This also helps to reduce the carbon footprint that is associated with having food transported by trucks and trains to your location. Foods that must be transported several miles throughout the country have more chemicals used on them to keep them fresh and free from rotting.

Organic Farmers Support Biodiversity

Organic farming tends to encourage biodiversity since a very rich combination of microorganisms, plants, and animals on this type of farm creates stronger crops, much healthier soil, and more resilient natural systems. More natural systems do not require chemicals to be used to manage the threat of pests and diseases. Organic farming gives the soil a better organic composition. This is because organic farmers work to maintain and improve fertility, soil structure, and biodiversity while reducing soil erosion. This helps reduce the risk of humans and animals being exposed to toxic materials.

Consult Organic Restaurants When Traveling

While you have probably already scoped out all of the organic stores, farmer’s markets, and organic restaurants in your area, you will probably be traveling at some point. When you are traveling anywhere in the United States, you can simply consult to find the location of the best organic restaurants in that area. This way, you can have fun on a vacation or a work trip while still eating delicious foods that support your new organic lifestyle.

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