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Nov 19, 2014

Will Eating Organic Food Make Your Healthier?

Will Eating Organic Food
Make You Healthier?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes!” Eating organic food will most certainly make you healthier. Various studies conducted in the past few years have proved this, including a major new study that was profiled in The Guardian, which found that organic foods have more antioxidants than non-organic products.

It’s already been proven that eating foods rich in antioxidants will make us healthier. In addition, organic foods contain fewer poisonous substances, such as pesticides and chemically enriched fertilizer. One of the most important facts that have emerged from studies like this one is that the way produce is farmed affects the quality of the food.

Organic Milk Gets the Nod

A recent article in The Washington Post examined if organic foods are more nutritious and less harmful than non-organic products. The research points to “yes” on both accounts, perhaps due to the high level of hormone levels that appear in some non-organic milk and dairy products.

Organic milk is less harmful and much healthier because it contains more Omega 3 fats. This is due to cows being fed grass instead of non-organic feed. Omega 3 fats are believed to protect against heart disease and possibly deter stroke, depression and cancer.

Cows that produce non-organic milk often receive bovine growth hormone (BGH) or its synthetic versions, rBGH or rBST, to increase their milk supply. Apparently, the problem doesn’t lie with the hormone itself; instead, it’s related to an ingredient in the hormone called insulin-like growth factor, or IFG-I, which is believed to be harmful to humans. Although cows producing both types of milk have a certain amount of IFG-I in their milk, those who receive hormone treatment tend to have much more.

Is Organic Better?

A recent study conducted by Stanford University found that compared to regular food, organic food contains less toxins, making it much safer and probably much healthier, too. Although the study did not find organic food to be more nutritious, previous studies do. One of the most published found organic grains and organic strawberries to have much more nutritious ingredients than non-organic versions.

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