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Feb 14, 2021

Choosing Beverage Selections For Your Organic Restaurant

If you’re running an organic restaurant, it’s important to choose beverages that complement your menu and satisfy your customers. There are many healthy drink options out there and ways to diversify your menu, but knowing your customers and making sure that these options are attractive to them is critical. Here’s what restaurants that serve organic food should think about when adding beverages to their menus.

Have a Wide Selection of Tea and Coffee

Many diners are trying to cut back on soda and other unhealthy beverages, but caffeine is still popular! Having a wide selection of tea and coffee is a necessity for any organic restaurant. Of course, don’t just offer caffeinated options. Some more relaxing types of tea are also quite popular.

Try Smoothies and Shakes

Smoothies are a great item to add to any organic restaurant menu. There are so many different flavor combinations to try and so many different types of fruits and vegetables that can go great in a smoothie. You can also offer additional healthy shake add-ins, like peanut butter or scoops of protein, that can help make these beverages a bit more substantial.

Add Flavored Water to the Menu

As diners have migrated away from soda, many varieties of flavored water have popped up. These beverages give diners a little something sweet without overloading them with sugar and unhealthy additives. Having bubbly seltzer options and some varieties of flat, flavored water products should cover all of your bases.

Look for Organic Juices

If you’re going to have juice on the menu, go with organic juices. Some of the popular varieties found in stores contain way too much sugar and end up being unhealthy, even though they also contain vitamins and other nutrients. Organic juices try to cut out the unnecessary ingredients and give you more of the good stuff right from the fruits and vegetables they’re made from.

If You Have Soda, Go With Organic Varieties

On that same note, if you do add soda options to the menu there are plenty of organic options to try. While soda will never exactly be healthy, varieties that use fewer preservatives and beverages that use cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup will likely be appreciated by your diners.

Buy Local

If you’re going to add shakes and smoothies to the menu, make sure that you’re using local produce. Find a local farm or farmers market and source your ingredients from there. Then advertise it! More and more diners have begun to express interest in buying local, so showing them that the money they spend at your eatery is going right back into the local economy could separate you from the competition.

Of course, this local push extends to more than just produce. If there are local sources of meat, beverages, or any other menu items, try those out too!

Don’t Forget Alcohol

If you have a restaurant that caters to the nightlife crowd or one that’s ideal for dates, search for organic alcoholic beverages to add to your menu. If there’s a local brewery, they might make a great partner!

For More Menu Tips

If you’re running a healthy restaurant, our website can help. Visit the Organic Restaurants blog and learn more about what you can do to keep customers happy and attract new diners.

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