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Eritrea is an East African nation with Red Sea coastline. The official languages are Tigrinya, Arabic, and English. Its terrain is diverse, with cool highlands, fertile fields, and arid plains. Eritrea intends to turn the entire mainland of its coastline and additionally its islands into an environmentally protected zone. The capital of Asmara has striking art deco architecture reflective of its colonial past. The Dahlak Islands have little-known, undisturbed Red Sea reefs ripe for exploration. Dankalia, in the South, is a volcanic desert with highly unusual landscapes–recommended for intrepid travelers. Elsewhere, see mosques, walled towns, and bazaars.

The most common elements of traditional Eritrean cuisine are tsebhi (stew), served with injera (flatbread made from teff, wheat, or sorghum), and hilbet (paste made from legumes, mainly lentil and faba beans). Berbere spice, like injera and many other foods, is also used in Ethiopian cooking. Try zigna assa, a fish stew, or kitcha fit fit, pieces of flat bread served with yogurt and butter. The coffee ceremony is important here, so try to take part in one if you have the chance.