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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a South Asian country in the Indian Ocean. The official languages are Sinhala and Tamil. The terrain includes plains, forests, and a few mountains. Overall the climate is tropical but there are a few temperate areas. Native animal species include the sloth bear, the purple-faced langur, and the yellow-eared bulbul. Mainstays of the economy include agriculture, industry, and services. Visitors can chill on the beach or see coral reefs by Hikkaduwa. See some religious sights, both important and obscure, including the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic or Ritigala’s monastery on a jungle peak. Sigiriya is an amazing ancient fortress with ruins of reservoirs and water gardens, and you shouldn’t miss it.

Rice is the most common starchy staples, and potatoes and bread also factor into the Sri Lankan diet. Typical vegetables may include tomatoes, spinach, and green beans. Fish, chicken, pork, and goat are popular meats. Coconut sambol is a famous condiment made of ground coconut, chili peppers, dried Maldive fish, and lime juice, which is eaten with rice. Try some Short Eats like Chinese Rolls, which have minced meats, potatoes, and vegetables. Vegetarians can enjoy Chinese, Sri Lankan, and Indian menus, and who doesn’t enjoy a good juice bar? Organic options and health foods stores seem to be rare. Have some toddy made from palm tree sap if you’re feeling like getting a little wild; passionfruit juice might suit a tamer mood.

Western Province

Western Province