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Togo is a relatively small, densely-populated West African country. The official language is French, but Ewe, Kotocoli, Kabiy├®, and others are also spoken. The terrain includes savannas, woodlands, and marshes. Overall the climate is tropical and dry. Animal species include the chimpanzee, the West African manatee, and the purple heron. Mainstays of the economy include trade, agriculture, and the phosphate industry. There are some highly interesting markets in the capital city of Lom├®. March├® des F├®ticheurs sells somewhat unusual items used in animist rituals, often products from dead animals, and the Grand March├® basically offers everything else. You can also go look at beautiful waterfalls, such as Kpalim├®’s Cascade de Wom├®.

Maize, cassava, yam, millet, and plantains are common starchy staples. Typical vegetables include eggplant, tomato, and spinach. Fish and bush meat such as agouti are popular foods. Sauces play an important role in the cuisine. Koklo meme is grilled chicken with chili sauce. Try palm nut soup. Lom├® has possibly the only vegetarian restaurant in the country, where you can chow down on vegetables and soy-based foods if that floats your boat. There are some pleasing variations on a Togolese baked banana dessert, such as turmeric flavoring, or cooking with cream.