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Sep 25, 2020

Tips For Going Vegetarian On a Budget

How To Eat Vegetarian On A Budget

Some people think that going vegetarian has to be expensive. That isn’t a surprise if your only experience with vegetarian and organic food is a trip to the most expensive fresh organic market in your town. If you do some research, however, you’ll realize that there are actually some ways that you can go vegetarian on a stricter budget. Here are the top Organic Restaurants tips for saving money when you add more vegetarian meals.

Shop Around

It’s fine to shop around for different ingredients. That organic store may have everything that you need, but traditional supermarkets have expanded their selection of organic items in recent years. Some staples of your vegetarian diet might be available there for cheaper. You might even be able to buy some items in bulk at warehouse stores or online. Of course, there are also farmers markets where you can find organic produce and potentially save money. If you have the time, shopping around can make a big difference.

Use Coupons

There’s no shame in using coupons if you’re trying to save money on a new, healthier diet. The savings from using coupons can add up quickly, and with enough capitalizing on discounts your new vegetarian diet may not cost too much more than your traditional one die.

Look Online

We mentioned this before, but it might surprise you how many of your pantry staples are available online in bulk. Long lasting foods like chickpeas, black beans, nuts, dried fruits, and rolled oats can all be bought in bulk without worrying too much about whether they’ll expire before you get to use them. Many dairy alternatives, like soy milk, also have longer shelf lives than you might expect, so buying these ingredients in bulk could also be advantageous.

Consider Frozen Produce

Frozen doesn’t always mean unhealthy. Frozen produce can be less expensive than fresh produce, while offering the same nutrients. Chopped frozen vegetables can also save you time on food prep and encourage you to cook more at home, instead of getting takeout from a nearby vegan place. Frozen fruit can be a good purchase as well, especially when it goes on sale or if it’s available in bulk. If you’re a fan of smoothies, frozen fruit sales are definitely something to take advantage of.

Sometimes You Don’t Need Organic

If you’re really on budget, knowing when you really need organic foods can make a difference. Sometimes you may not feel like the price difference is worthwhile, and that’s completely fine!

Cook Extra

Cooking extra when you prepare dinner is a great idea for a few reasons. You have leftovers that you can bring into work for lunch, so you don’t end up tempted to go out to eat. These leftovers can also be dinner later in the week, so if you don’t have time to cook you have an option aside from takeout.

Remember What You Have

Keeping track of what you have can also help you save money. Knowing that you have certain items already can stop you from buying things that you don’t need and prevent you from wasting money.

For More Organic Diet Tips

If you’re interested in vegan organic food or a vegetarian diet, keep an eye on our website! The Organic Restaurants blog has the money saving tips you need!


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