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Jun 2, 2020

Healthy Eating In Jacksonville, NC

How You Can Eat Healthy In Jacksonville, NC

Summer is already hot, and in Jacksonville, that means it’s just going to get hotter as the summer wears on. And when it’s this hot, no one wants to eat heavy, unhealthy meals, so it’s important for restaurants to focus on lighter, healthier dishes and ensure they provide healthier options in order to meet the needs of customers. In this article, Organic Restaurants will explore the Jacksonville organic restaurant scene and provide residents and visitors with some options for healthy eating. 

A Quiet Town with a Diverse Restaurant Culture

Jacksonville, NC is situated as a commercial hub in Onslow County, and, being home to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, the city population’s average age is amongst the youngest in the nation. The younger generation is helping to shape the local restaurant economy with a preference for healthy eating options


There are restaurants that say that they source locally and prep daily, but in Forkful’s scratch kitchen where they prep over 36 fresh vegetables daily, they are taking fresh food to a new level. With cuisine themes ranging from North and South America to the Mediterranean, and freshly assembled food upon request, you’ll get a diverse and unique experience every time. The cafe is very involved in the local community and regularly hosts fundraisers for nonprofits. 

Clean Eatz

A larger chain, Clean Eatz combines the dining experience with a healthy living lifestyle by offering catering, meal plans, and lifestyle coaching, all geared towards helping people to change and improve their lives. In addition to providing tools and resources to get in shape and maintain weight or increase muscle mass, the company also contributes to the local community. 

Liliana’s Columbian Restaurant & Bakery

Changing gears, we have this amazing entry into the vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Jacksonville. Using fresh, high-quality ingredients, the bakery turns out numerous traditional pastries that pair well with the restaurant’s spread of breakfast options. For later in the day, the traditional Columbian dishes are a treat and the cooks are well-versed in preparing dishes that meet any of their diner’s dietary needs. 

Marrakesh Mediterranean Cuisine

A true treat, this family-owned and operated Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant uses only the highest quality vegetables and ingredients to serve recipes sourced straight from the family’s native country. The restaurant doesn’t rely upon freezers, and proteins range from farm-raised chicken to fresh-caught salmon. The restaurant makes its own seasoning blends, and has been serving traditional dishes since 2010 to the Jacksonville community.  

Eat Food You Can Feel Good About

No matter your dietary needs, it’s important that you strive to reduce your intake of processed foods and refined sugars, and the best way to do this is to eat foods made with fresh ingredients. When dining out, this can be difficult to navigate, so it’s important to have a resource that helps discover restaurants that adhere to healthy preparation and cooking standards. Organic Restaurants wants to be that resource, and we are working hard to help communities across the United States discover the healthy eating options that are just around the corner. Are you a manager or owner of a Jacksonville NC organic restaurant who hasn’t claimed your restaurant’s online profile yet? Reach out to us and let us know how we can help build brand awareness for your organic restaurant.


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