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Jul 15, 2020

How To Write a Restaurant Review

Write A Restaurant Review That Is Actually Helpful

If you’re writing a restaurant review, there are some basics that need to be covered. At Organic Restaurants, we know that an incomplete review could be completely unhelpful and won’t have the desired effect. If you want your review of that new organic food truck on the block to land, here’s a look at what should be included.

Don’t Just Talk About the Food, Talk About the Experience

Dining out isn’t just about the food. It’s about an experience that the restaurant has to offer, from before you even sit down to when the checks come out. Did you have to make a reservation? Is this a large restaurant, or a smaller one that’s going to be a bit more exclusive or hard to find a seat in at peak times? Is it noisy or quiet? Knowing all of these things can set the scene a bit better, enabling readers of your review to get a better handle on your experience.

How the Restaurant Presents Itself

This goes hand in hand with the experience. What kind of vibe is the restaurant shooting for? Is it for families? Is it a quiet date spot? Everything from the lighting to what kind of napkins are used—paper or cloth—can be used to evaluate how the restaurant wants to be seen. Notes about the décor and even the small details, like the color of the plates used, can really help diners picture the experience you had and get a better feel for the restaurant you’re reviewing. Then your job as a reviewer is to determine if they’ve succeeded in their goal, or if their dining experience doesn’t quite measure up to the environment they’ve curated. Due to all of the details you’ve provided, your reader knows more about what the restaurant has to offer and gleans much more information from your review than a simple “pass or fail” evaluation.

How is the Service?

This can be a major factor in your dining experience. How is the service? Are the waiters eager to help and knowledgeable about the menu? Can you make substitutions? Are orders delivered accurately? Of course, now’s also a good time to say how ordering works. If there aren’t waiters and there’s instead a buffet line or a counter to order that, mentioning that is critical to your review.

The Variety Offered by the Menu

Sometimes we get into a restaurant and just pick an organic food dish that jumps out at us right away. If you’re reviewing the restaurant, however, it’s important to evaluate the entire menu and let people know what kind of variety is offered. Are there vegan options? Are allergies accounted for? If you are vegan or vegetarian, are there plenty of options available to you or are you locked into two or three dishes that might just be afterthought additions to the menu? Knowing these things, along with the price range of an eatery’s offerings, could go a long way in determining whether or not a reader of your review tries out the establishment.

Your Organic Food Resource

So if you’re reviewing the latest organic food dishes and eateries, follow this advice from Organic Restaurants! A bit of extra effort will help your review make a much larger impact.


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