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Feb 20, 2013

How We Provide Accurate, Reliable Listings

ratings and reviews is unique. We’re the only site that offers accurate, reliable information about the places you want to eat and shop, and we offer it all in one place. As we grow, we rely heavily on input from consumers just like you- people who know the best places to get gluten-free pastries, fair-trade coffee, vegan burritos, or farm-fresh dairy.

As we developed, we looked at other user-driven online communities to figure out what works and what doesn’t. One problem users run into is inaccurate information, or other users being downright antagonistic. We’ve solved that problem for our users by creating a simple monitoring system.

First and foremost, you have to be a registered free user to be able to write a review. I know, one more website where you have to remember a user name and password… but I promise, it’s worth it! This is our first line of defense against spam bots and people who are simply out to write nasty reviews. Plus, registering is totally free, only takes a minute, and we promise never to sell or share your information with others.

Second, each review is posted automatically but is subject to a flagging system. Each review has a “mark as inappropriate” option, so if a user disagrees with the review, they can flag it and share their comments with our admin team. At that point, we consider their comments and do our own research about the initial review. We use our best judgment to either approve the review or get rid of it.

So we talk about how our ratings and reviews are accurate and honest, but we are dependent on our community of passionate consumers to make sure we stay that way- especially now, as we’re just starting out.

We want to become the top online resource for healthy eating, and we’re asking you not just to share about your own favorite places, but also to keep an eye on our site for new reviews. Let us know when you see something that you disagree with, and add your confirmation when you see something that’s right on. 

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