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Aug 10, 2020

How Your Waitstaff Can Encourage Healthy Orders

How Severs Can Help Direct Healthy Choices At Your Restaurant

If you’re trying to get your customers to try out some new and healthier items on the menu, your waitstaff can be of a lot of help. At Organic Restaurants we know that breaking many diners out of their usual habits can be tough, but with the right attitude and approach your waitstaff can help your fresh organic restaurant breakthrough with some new, healthier menu options.

Create a Rotating Menu

Your servers probably don’t want to repeat the same spiel all the time. So one way to cut down on the repetition they might feel when talking about the menu items is by rotating in certain meals from time to time, or having certain specials available on certain days of the week. It’s harder to get tired of talking about the healthy options if the healthy options change and you’re not repeating the same thing over and over again.

Make Sure Your Wait Staff is Knowledgeable

To do this properly, you’ll need to make sure that your waitstaff is knowledgeable. They’ll need to know about each dish and when it is available. If they don’t know much about the healthier option, they may not be able to answer questions about it. Unfortunately, if you can’t answer a customer’s questions about a food item they are quite unlikely to order it. Knowing what ingredients are used and what potential allergens a dish contains is always important, but it could be especially vital if you’re trying to sell a patron on a new, healthy option.

Building up a knowledgeable waitstaff takes time, and it’s important that you make the proper investment. Make sure that they know how everything is prepared. Can they tell a customer what healthy meal pairs well with which wine? Which items are ideal for diners with dietary restrictions?

When your waiters know their stuff, it’s easier for them to have a real conversation with patrons about the food on your menu. When a diner sees your waiter as more authentic, they’re more likely to take their suggestions and try out your new healthy menu options.

Try Adding More Sides

One way to encourage more healthy orders doesn’t involve the entrees. Ordering a completely different meal than what they order normally might be a bridge too far for some customers, but ordering a different side? That’s a possibility.

French fries are a common side, perfectly complimenting sandwiches, hamburgers, and so many more classic lunch and dinner options. Salad can sometimes be offered as an alternative, but that’s a big jump. Other healthy options can serve as a bridge between traditional french fries and a side salad. Sweet potato fries are full of vitamins and antioxidants, zucchini fries, and other types of veggie dishes can all be considered healthier alternatives to french fries, and it might be easier for your wait staff to convince a customer to try them out.

Encouraging Customers to Choose Healthy Food Options

At Organic Restaurants we have plenty of ideas for how restaurants that serve organic food can attract more customers and sell more healthy food items. Check out our website today and learn more!

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