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Organic Harvest Network

741 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA, United States

(510) 222-5333 Visit Website
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Organic Harvest Network


Welcome! Thank you for visiting Organic Harvest Network. We invite you to share in our story of Good People ÔÇô Good Food. We hope you are inspired by the dedication of our Organic Family Farmers and their desire to grow fruits and vegetables of exceptional quality. Nurturing not just the soil but also their relationships with their farm workers and the community has been the spiritual and philosophical foundation of their farming lives for generations. The growers you are about to meet are multi-generational family farmers. They are among the original organically certified farming operations dating back to the early 80ÔÇÖs. Our farmers are some of the best, a lot of pride and hard work goes into farming and the story of the family farm is the story. Organic Harvest Network has been marketing organic produce exclusively since its inception in 1988, culminating in many years of experience in retail, wholesale and logistics. We utilize those experiences to understand and anticipate our customersÔÇÖ needs. We serve our customers with great product from great growers, allowing them to create a point of difference in their stores.

Organic Harvest Network

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Organic Harvest Network

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Organic Harvest Network

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