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1000 S Colorado Blvd #101 Glendale, CO 80246

(303) 757-1772 Visit Website
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I really love this place and can't wait to go back. Here is the description from their site...I couldn't say it any better. "Our menu changes a lot. Sometimes it is because we grow tired of eating the same things, other times it is because different items come in season. Some of our items are locally sourced, some are organic and all are the highest quality we can find. We believe that a varied diet of simple, whole foods is what you should be eating everyday. So that is what we serve at Modmarket. When you eat these types of food, you feel better an hour later, not worse. There really are no Ôö£├│├ö├®┬╝Ôòª┬úbad things' on our menu. We create great tasting foods that are good for you. Simple stuff."


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