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Choices Kitchen

711 Northwest 27th Avenue

(786) 509-6736 Visit Website
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Choices Kitchen


Our mission is to inspire compassionate choices by serving delicious, healthy, and organic plant-based food prepared with love for people, animals and the planet. Choices CafÔö£┬« is first and foremost a business founded on the principle that better eating leads to healthier individuals and an improved society. Both the restaurant and the food production line are a family-run enterprise established and led by two brothers whose values made a valuable business. The founders, Alex and Jorge Cuevas, stay grounded on three missions which drive their impetus: (1) to serve delicious healthy food that nourishes and restores people; (2) to promote sound plant-based diets that encourage compassion for animals; and (3) to engender sustainable practices that conserve planetary resources. As a restaurant serving 100% plant-based food, Choices Cafe has filled a large void in Miami.

Choices Kitchen

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Choices Kitchen

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Choices Kitchen

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Choices Kitchen

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Choices Kitchen