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Real Paella

Tallahassee, FL, United States

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Real Paella


Family owned and operated, Real Paella was founded in Tallahassee, Florida in 2006. Our company is the only business of its kind in North Florida. Real paella has served thousands of satisfied customers in the panhandle and is growing and expanding yearly. We are committed to providing the highest standards in quality, service, and presentation. Real Paella's tempting tastes derive from fresh local ingredients and spices, rice, and oil imported from Spain. The master chef only uses all-natural, never processed products, and only of the very best quality. We can provide cooking demonstrations and live flamenco music. We specialize in paella, a signature dish of Spain that brings families and friends together around the giant pan from which the delectable dish is served. We re-create that experience during live demonstrations as guests gather around the cooking site. We also offer the option to deliver the food, prepared and ready to be served. Paella parties are ideal for any festive occasion: weddings, anniversaries, office parties, birthdays, baptisms, graduations or any other special event The paella can be cooked on-site in front of guests of parties for up to 700 people. It takes about 2 hours from the time of set up until the paella is finished and ready to be eaten. In order to set up the equipment and cook we need an outside flat area of about 12 feet by 12 feet. When the food is ready, people are served right from the pan, or the paella can be moved indoors when it is ready. There is always enough paella so everyone can eat as much as they want. We recommend guests arriving while we are still cooking - part of the fun of a paella party is to watch the process of making authentic paella. Real Paella can also provide traditional ÔÇ£tapasÔÇØ (hors d' oeuvre or gourmet mini-dishes), sangria, homemade desserts, and live flamenco music to liven up the party with the sounds of Spain.

Real Paella

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Real Paella

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