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Iggy's Bread Of The World

130 Fawcett Street

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Iggy's Bread Of The World


Iggy's Bread Of The World

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Country is a strong, crusty, old-fashioned peasant bread with a mild sour flavor. its complexity is derived from a blend of starters combined with a hearty influence of whole wheat flour. the crust has a deep wholesome finish to it and many small air holes of the bread's interior give it a spongy consistency, good for sopping up soups and stews. it can be used to make bruschetta, crostini, or bread salad.

Wholewheat made with a large proportion of stone ground whole wheat flour, whole wheat sourdough has a dense texture and an earthy aroma. like country sourdough, this bread has a mild sour taste, complimented by accents of sweetness, though it is not quite as crusty.

Francese handmade from start to finish, francese is a naturally leavened bread that is hand cut on a marble table. the high content of water and long fermentation times, combined with the lack of handling of the dough produce an airy, moist, chewy bread with a strong crust and a mild sour flavor. it is a wonderful accompaniment to meals. its strong crust makes it fun to rip and dip into sauces or olive oil.

White Rye seedless white rye - this lighter version of our rye has a dense body and a snappy, tangy flavor. it is made as a combination of white rye and wheat flour, and unlike the dark rye this version has no caraway seeds and no dark rye flour, providing a less intense, but flavorful rye experience.

Dark Rye inspired by new york rye, this bread is made with a combination of dark rye flour, white rye flour, wheat flour and caraway seeds. fermented rye flour yields a pleasant, pungent, yet sweet flavor. the soft center is complimented by tons of crispy caraway seeds. dark rye has its own starter and its own particular rye flavor. sliced, it is great for sandwiches.

French traditional french is made with a poolish starter (fermented yeast, flour and water). light and airy in texture and with a thin, soft crust, our french has its own distinct flavor of delicate sweetness. it does not harden as quickly other yeasted breads can. the french pullman is a favorite of iggy's kids for making toast and yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Bread Sticks made from our french dough, these puffy light bread fingers, invented for fun, have surprised us with their popularity. the plain breadsticks, delicate and soft, are a favorite of children. the parmesan are a blending of strong flavors: the tangy zip of parmiggiano regianno with the spicy kick of chili flakes and oregano.

Olive Bread we stopped the bread but the rolls keep coming, full of softness and tasty olives. these rolls are puffy, light, and soft. the base is a yeasted dough, with a mixture of kalamata and green olives that provide for a subtle olive flavor. we like them plain, as an accompaniment to food, as they intentionally do not interfere with the meal.

Ficelle "ficelle" means string in french. the long, skinny, stick shape of this bread is coupled with a distinct sourdough flavor and a lovely crusty chewiness. it is ideal for slicing into rounds for hors d'oeuvres or cutting down the middle for a special sandwich. we also love it dipped in olive oil.

Deep Dish Focaccia we developed this focaccia from our francese dough. it is essentially a big chunk of airy, bubbly dough, topped with olive oil and fresh organic rosemary, organic garlic or organic roasted onions. in our store it is sold in chunks - great for making stuffing and croutons, or slicing for sandwiches. we also slice it thin and bake it into toast, topped with tangy parmesan regianno cheese and spicy red pepper flakes.

Flat Focaccia we remember when martha stewart filmed us making this special bread in 1995. it comes in different flavor combinations: olive and fresh thyme, roasted onion and fresh rosemary, potato and leek, and many others. made out of francese dough, it is chewy and airy with decadent flavors dancing on top. the vegetables and herbs are all peeled, chopped and roasted by hand, and almost always organic.

Brioche this soft, rich, golden bread is made the old-fashioned way, with lots of european style butter, organic milk, and organic eggs. brioche is light, sweet, buttery and melts in your mouth. if forgotten on the shelf for several days, brioche can be used for french toast or bread pudding. our peppercorn brioche rolls can be grilled for lovely flavor and make an amazing sandwich bread.

7 Grain Health Bread a yummy, healthy loaf: a wonderful blend of seeds and grains with a subtle sweet flavor which comes from loads of wildflower honey we put in it.

Rais In Pecan a naturally leavened, dense, luxury bread laden with pecans and organic raisins, this bread is made with the least amount of yeast possible and can be enjoyed plain or simply with butter. not much to say - there is something magical about the marriage of raisins and pecans. raisin pecan makes a lovely partner to cheeses and is beautiful in holiday stuffing as well.

Cranberry Pecan we came up with the idea for this bread as a way of honoring new england and its incredible dried autumn fruit. like raisins, we find that cranberries make a great, slightly tart partnership with pecans. we enjoy the complex flavors of a cranberry pecan roll with goat cheese, and the simple decadence of this bread toasted with butter.

Bagels our hearth-baked bagels come loaded with flavor and have a delicious chewy texture. when we were developing them, we had hoped to make bagels like those in montreal, but ended up with our own version altogether. people take bagels very personally, so we will not tell you these are the "real" thing - we just like them this way.a note to seed lovers - they are covered in them on top and bottom!

Croissants it took us years to develop a croissant recipe that we were happy with, to find the flour and baking equipment that gave us the texture we were looking for. croissants are a rather labor-intensive delicacy, made with tons of fresh butter. the result is a flaky, crispy, crunchy, golden, sweet, moist and delicate, a melt-in-your-mouth experience. our filled croissants are stuffed with ingredients of the highest quality

Ciabatta ciabatta means slipper in italian. it is mostly crust, with very little crumb on the inside, providing a base for a wonderful sandwich. this light, airy dough is made with yeast and extra virgin olive oil, and fermented for an extended period of time. its distict, sweet flavor is present but not dominating, complimenting the flavors of fillings or toppings without competing for attention.

Pain De Mie pain de mie means "bread of crumb" in french, or "crust-less" bread. baked in rectangular pans with lids, these 100% organic flour, naturally leavened loaves have very little crust, but tons of moisture and deep flavor. it is the shape of your classis "sandwich bread", and we make three types: white, whole wheat, and rye. we love organic flour and hope it will be contagious and spread quickly to all of our breads. isn't it amazing that good bread can be just flour, water, and sea salt.

Iggy's Bread Of The World

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Iggy's Bread Of The World

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