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Jack’s Shack

671A Glen Cove Ave, Glen Head, New York,

516-676-7001 Visit Website
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Jack’s Shack


At Jack's Shack, we built a cool place with great colors, great energy, and a carbon footprint Mother Earth would be proud of. From the reclaimed barn wood to washpan lights, we used as many recycled materials and products we could find in a design format where you feel comfortable. Our food is the stuff that everyone wishes they could eat and frankly that restaurants wish they could sell. We have taken everything that we have learned from building traditional restaurants and created a menu that has healthy options for anyone's diet. JackÔÇÖs Shack is a nutritious, delicious and fast way to grab a bite to eat. ItÔÇÖs no ordinary fast food burger and shake place. It is unique and versatile, selling not just regular burgers but all natural, grade ÔÇ£AÔÇØ burgers along with all natural salads, tacos, other meats and fruit smoothies. With its vast menu and personal protein crafting station JackÔÇÖs Shack can be enjoyed by anyone craving a healthy, delicious meal. No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Nitrates, No Preservatives, No Steroids...EVER!

Jack’s Shack

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Jack’s Shack

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Jack’s Shack

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Jack’s Shack

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Jack’s Shack