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Mise En Place Market LLC

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Mise En Place Market LLC


Mise En Place pronounced me-zahn-plahs, is a French term that literally translates to ÔÇ£set in placeÔÇØ. To the culinary world it means you have everything ready to cook and in its place. Our market is here to do just that: provide you with all your day to day needs in one convenient location. Your Mise en Place, what ever it may be, is here ready and waiting. We are a small grocery and restaurant with a cozy market feel. We carry grocery basics from eggs & milk to fresh produce and coffee. The deli showcases everything from soups and sandwiches to ÔÇ£homeÔÇØ made demiÔÇÖs and pasta sauces to quickly grab and go. Tucked in a cozy corner of the market is our dining area where you can enjoy gourmet ÔÇ£homeÔÇØ cooked dinners made from the freshest best ingredients money can buy. We also provide the option to take your meals to-go for those of you with busiest of lives. The market offers a selection of beers and wines to accompany your meal. Specials change weekly and include fresh fish choices, beef tenderloin, lamb chops, vegetarian options and much much more. At the market itÔÇÖs not about being trendy it is about good old-fashioned delicious food.

Mise En Place Market LLC

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Mise En Place Market LLC

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Mise En Place Market LLC

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Mise En Place Market LLC

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Mise En Place Market LLC