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Mitchell Delicatessen

1306 McGavock Pike

(615) 262-9862 Visit Website
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Mitchell Delicatessen


Mitchell Delicatessen first opened its doors in 2008. The idea was simple: provide East Nashville with a full service delicatessen that only uses the highest quality, natural ingredients from local sources. This idea immediately resonated with local residents, so much so in fact, that the first day MitchellÔÇÖs was open for business the delicatessen ran out of food! Humbled and amazed by this enthusiastic response we immediately adjusted to the higher demand and began working furiously on expanding our menu and making our products even better. This effort was almost immediately repaid in our first year in business when Mitchell Delicatessen was voted ÔÇ£Best SandwichÔÇØ in Nashville SceneÔÇÖs annual ÔÇ£Best OfÔÇØ poll.

Mitchell Delicatessen

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Mitchell Delicatessen

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Mitchell Delicatessen

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Mitchell Delicatessen

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Mitchell Delicatessen