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Feb 13, 2021

Making The Most Of Your Leftovers

Whether you have takeout leftovers or some extra home-cooked food on hand, there are ways to make the most of it. Your leftovers can be just as satisfying as a brand new meal if you take some time to repurpose them and figure out which meals from that local sustainable restaurant make for the best leftovers.

Use Them in a Stir Fry

If you have leftover vegetables and meat, you might be able to use it in a stir fry. If they’re already seasoned and flavored, just make sure that you find some other items in your fridge that can go well with them. If you have enough leftovers, you might not even need to mix in much new stuff! All you need is oil and a wok.

Have a Light Lunch

Sometimes leftovers sit in the fridge for a while because they end up being too much to be a snack, but not enough to be a full dinner. Think about having those leftovers for lunch, especially if it’s a weekend or you’re working from home during the week. Even if it would make a light dinner, those leftovers might end up making a perfectly sized lunch.

Schedule a “Leftovers” Night

If you have a lot of leftovers from different meals, put them all out one night and let everyone choose what they want to eat. Everyone can pick out their favorites, but you do run the risk of some leftovers not quite complementing the others. Still, it’s a good way to make sure that they do not go to waste.

Use Your Extra Rice

Rice is one of the most common leftovers with many types of takeout. If you end up with some extra, use it. You can make some basic fried rice, throw some stir fry over it, or experiment with its ability to add texture to different types of meals, from frittatas and even meatballs.

Wrap Up Leftover Meat

Any leftover meat can make an ideal base for wraps, tacos, or burritos. If you get really ambitious, using it in a quesadilla is another great option. If you have leftover steak, chicken, or any other kind of meat, wrap it up and make something new out of it. You can even make some eggs and make this a filling breakfast meal.

This can be especially wise for families with kids. The younger ones in your family may enjoy making their own meal out of these leftovers, and they avoid the potential dangers and mess of actually cooking for themselves.

Keep the Packaging

Sometimes those takeout containers are actually quite sturdy. If you have some that seal and can obviously be used again, wash them and put them away. You’ll be able to use them to store more leftovers and make some more creative meals in the future.

For More Healthy Eating Tips

Whether you want to cook more at home or find your local healthy restaurants, the Organic Restaurants website can help. Visit our blog today for more helpful tips, and check out our directory of sustainable and healthy restaurants while you’re there.

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