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Mar 10, 2021

Making Your Organic Restaurant Kid-Friendly

If you want to attract more families to your restaurant, the secret might be making things more kid-friendly. There are many ways that your organic restaurant can make your establishment more appealing to kids and their parents. Here are some of our top recommendations.

Make a Kids Menu

If you want more kids and families in your restaurant, you need to make sure that there are menu items that kids want. Make a kids menu with less expensive meals that come in smaller portions. Kids are notorious for being picky eaters, but even restaurants that serve organic food can easily find a few items that kids will love. You can try out:

  • Veggie fries
  • Pasta dishes with veggie noodles
  • Different types of tots, like cauliflower tots
  • Organic juices

There are also plenty of vegan or organic versions of popular kids’ food, like chicken nuggets. Parents know that the traditional kids’ menu fare can be a bit unhealthy. Finding ways to “sneak” kids healthier options and help them build better habits for the future might be appreciated by your customers. They’ll keep coming back if your restaurant can get their kids to eat healthy foods.

Rethink Your Waiting Area

If you’re going to try and attract more kids and families to your restaurant, your waiting area might need to be redesigned. You need enough room for families to sit and relax while they wait for tables to open up. Consider putting toys or other activities in the waiting area so kids have something to keep them occupied. Parents will appreciate that.

Give Kids Something to Do at the Table

Kids are not always patient when it comes to waiting for their food. In the time between a family ordering food and it coming out of the kitchen, kids are going to need something to do to pass the time. Consider kids menus that can be colored in or disposable paper tablecloths that can be drawn on. You would be surprised at how well some crayons and paper will keep a child occupied while they wait for dinner.

Educate Your Staff

Some of your waiters may be young and inexperienced when it comes to dealing with children. Educate your staff and make sure that they are prepared for complications that children could bring to the food ordering process. Also, make sure that staff members know how to accommodate families. Little things like putting a family of four at a table for six, so that they have room for all of the kid and baby stuff, can put customers at ease and make them more appreciative of your establishment.

Keep Things Safe for Wandering Little Customers

Occasionally, kids can get bored and wander away from their table. That’s why you need to make sure that you don’t let them have access to potentially dangerous areas, like stairs or the kitchen. A full safety review is a must if you’re going to have more kids as customers.

Attract More Customers to Your Organic Restaurant

If you’re looking for other ways to attract more customers, the Organic Restaurants website and blog can help. From ideas for organic food dishes to info about the latest trends, you’ll find everything that you’re looking for on our site.

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