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Jun 18, 2021

Our Ten Favorite Vegan Cookbooks

Even if you’re not choosing a completely vegan lifestyle, there are some vegan cookbooks out there that can give you some great ideas about how to change up your meal plans. Here are some of our favorites, from the Organic Restaurants team.

Plant-Based on a Budget

One common complaint about veganism is that it can be expensive, but this cookbook shows that this doesn’t have to be the case. This cookbook takes this criticism into account and teaches people how to craft delicious vegan meals with ingredients like canned goods and frozen veggies, which can save you money.

The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

If you’re just beginning to cook vegan or vegetarian meals, this cookbook is a must-have. This book will give you plenty of recipes to experiment with, no animal products required.

Vegan for Everybody

This cookbook has been carefully curated by America’s Test Kitchen and has ended up as a staple in nearly every vegan kitchen, for good reason. It contains 200 recipes, so you’ll find something that you like. Even the pickiest eaters in your family should be satisfied.

The Vegan Cookbook for Kids

Speaking of picky eaters, we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to get kids to try something new. This cookbook could help with that. It offers kid-friendly recipes and allows them to get involved in the kitchen, allowing them to learn skills like measuring ingredients and safely chopping vegetables.

The Vegan Meat Cookbook

This cookbook specializes in teaching you how to make the most out of plant-based meat substitutes. Whether you’re looking for a healthy, high-protein meal or some comfort food, this cookbook can help you find some new favorites that use vegan meats and cheeses.

Bad Manners: Party Grub

This cookbook is perfect for any cook who loves to entertain. If you frequently have vegan guests over or you’re simply trying to make a change in your diet, this cookbook can help you create delicious, plant-based party foods, including appetizers that will keep people asking for more.

Vegan Junk Food

Vegans can indulge in junk food from time to time too, and this cookbook is full of recipes for plant-based foods that aren’t the healthiest. If you want to try out faux Philly cheesesteaks, jalapeno poppers, and a vegan take on the Big Mac, this book is for you.

Thug Kitchen

A series of Thug Kitchen cookbooks teach you how to make flavorful vegan dishes while using…colorful language. Keep these away from the kids, but use them to make some delicious dinners, sides, and even cocktails.

East Meets Vegan

If you’re looking for some Asian-inspired plant-based cuisine, this cookbook is full of them. There are plenty of other cookbooks out there for cooks who want to try vegan cuisine inspired by Africa, the Caribbean, and other regions too.

Modern Vegan Baking

This is the perfect starting point for any chef who wants to experiment with vegan baking. There are some new ingredients to learn about and delicious baked goods to make, so get started!

For More Vegan Food Ideas

If you’re serious about incorporating more organic food and vegan dishes into your diet, we can help. Visit the Organic Restaurants website and blog to find great meal ideas, information about nearby restaurants, and so much more.

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