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Jul 22, 2020

Popular Vegetarian Options To Add To Your Restaurant Menu

Common Vegetarian Meals You Can Order Whiling Dining Out

There are many good reasons to add some vegetarian options to your menu if you’re running a restaurant. More diners are expanding their horizons and trying out vegetarian and vegan foods, and any establishment that has a reputation as a fresh organic restaurant can benefit from this trend. At Organic Restaurants, we understand that completely shaking up your menu is a massive undertaking, but fortunately, you don’t need to go that far. Instead, you can just add some of these popular vegetarian options to your menu.


Of course, you might already have traditional french fries on your menu and potatoes are already vegetarian. What else do you need? Well, plenty of vegetables can be made into “fries” and they’re an easy way to vary up your menu and give diners more sides to choose from. Zucchini fries, sweet potato fries, and green bean fries are all popular options, and a good selection of dipping sauces will complement these new additions to your menu nicely.

Noodle Alternatives

You can also add vegetable noodles to your menu, offering diners an alternative to traditional pasta. Squash, beets, and sweet potatoes can all be made into noodles with the proper tools, and go nicely with flavors from a number of cultures. Whether you’re serving up a pasta dish with tomato sauce or a savory noodle soup, veggie noodles can make for a great alternative to the norm.

A New Take on Burgers

There are so many types of veggie burgers that can be added to your menu too. Spicy black bean burgers are a common option and “Beyond” burgers that do their best to imitate ground beef are rising in popularity. Burgers can be made from lentils, chickpeas, and other vegetarian- and vegan-friendly ingredients. You can even cook up a portabella mushroom into the perfect burger alternative! These mushrooms are big and meaty, and have no problem holding in flavor from a rub or marinade. You can even top it with typical burger toppings like lettuce and tomatoes, although you might want to have some vegan cheese options on hand.


This is a surprisingly versatile vegetable. It can be “riced” and used to make rice dishes that contain fewer calories and carbohydrates. They can be made into pizza crust, perfect for anyone who has an aversion to the gluten found in typical pizza or a vegan diner who wouldn’t opt for a traditional pie.

Tofu and Tempeh

These popular meat alternatives can be prepared with many of the same rubs and marinades you would use on a carnivore’s meal, but also offer some other preparation options and quite a bit of versatility. You can easily add tofu and tempeh dishes to your menu without reinventing the entire thing.

Your Source for Organic Food Ideas

You can attract diners who want a healthy, vegetable-based meal even if you’re not the hot new vegan restaurant on the block. Experiment with some of these vegetarian options and watch some new diners pour in, and keep an eye on Organic Restaurants for the latest advice about how organic food places can continue to attract new customers.

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