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Feb 3, 2015

Restaurant Owners & Managers Be sure to Claim, Manage and Optimize Your Listing!

If you haven’t already, be sure to Claim your free Listing with us so you can manage it Optimizing it for when people are searching for restaurants that have organic food on their menu in your area!

Claim Your Listing


  • In case you haven’t already checked, you most likely have a free listing with us here at[br][br]
  • For all of our Listings, we encourage our restaurant owners and or places owners to Claim their Listing so that you can manage your listing![br][br]
  • Once you Claim your Listing, then you’ll be able to do a number of things such as:
  • Update your Listing
  • Add more Photos
  • Adjust the order of photos of your listing
  • Delete Photos
  • Update your About Us text
  • Add your website if not already there
  • Delete Tags that were associated to you
  • Set your Featured Photo Image
  • View your Listing Statistics
  • View how many people searched in your area
  • View how many people clicked on your listing
  • View how many people came to your listing from outside of our website
  • Add and or remove Menus
  • Add Premium Placement
  • Add your Facebook and Twitter channels
  • Add Featured Dishes and Items
  • Update your Address and Phone number
  • and more!

Claiming Your Listing could not be easier!

Download our simple user-friendly Guide on
How To Claim your listing today.

And once you Claim your listing or if you already have, you may download your Manage Your Listing Guide too which we’ll send out automatically once your Listing is Claimed.


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