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Jun 19, 2020

Eat Clean & Organic in Memphis

Clean Eating is Easy in Memphis

With a diverse mix of English, Scot-Irish, and African-American cultures, the Memphis music and culinary scenes is an unrivaled experience that forms the foundations of Tennessee society. While it’s not Nashville, the city holds its own as a tourist destination, and its restaurant scene has evolved with the times to offer visitors numerous healthy, organic dining options across the city. In this blog, Organic Restaurants explores some of the finest organic restaurants in Memphis

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Businesses Built Around Relationships

Organic restaurants play a vital role in the local economy and business communities by ensuring that they offer menu items built around sourcing ingredients locally and ensuring that local service providers are given preference in order to keep the community healthy. In Memphis, many organic-focused restaurants combine this local-first approach with a deeply held respect for sustainability as well. Here are just some of the best the city has to offer.

Farm Burger

This burger joint takes sustainability very seriously. Sourcing only grass-fed and hormone-free beef, the menu changes with the season and with each location’s chef’s ability to source ingredients from the local suppliers. The kitchens are scratch kitchens that depend highly on local farmers to bring amazing food to their guests. 

City Silo Table + Pantry

Organic diners want familiar dishes with a healthy spin, so when you start your restaurant’s tagline with “re-imagined comfort food, created with wholesome, clean ingredients,” you tend to immediately attract the healthy eater’s attention. This concept has it all, with menu items catering to gluten-free and vegan to traditional dishes that find a balance between the heavy Southern meal approach and clean eating. And they work with local farmers and source ingredients locally and ensure kitchen practices are environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Belly Acres

This burger and chicken sandwich hotspot puts it right up front: as a certified farm-fresh, farm-to-table concept, everything they do is dedicated to local sustainability and providing diners with all-natural foods. The team did more than a year’s worth of research and visits with local farmers and suppliers before even writing a single recipe to ensure that they were able to provide the freshest locally sourced food in town on their menu

Seasons 52 Fresh Grill & Wine Bar

This higher-end concept capitalizes on the seasonality of sourcing local ingredients to create ever-evolving menu items. They highlight that they don’t use frozen items, they only source fruits and vegetables that are in season, and that they source their proteins ethically. This ensures that the rotating menu items are made with the freshest ingredients possible, and that the experience will always be unique to the time of the year. Paired with its menu, the restaurant offers 52 wines by the glass. 

Uniquely Southern, Focused on Healthy Experiences

The trend in Memphis restaurants, as in many popular Southern cities, is that restaurants are focusing on providing balanced and healthier sustainable menus while still giving diners that Southern cooking experience. And as is often the case in Southern businesses, there is a total focus on supporting the local economy through relationships with local vendors and farmers. At Organic Restaurants, we want to help locals and visitors to Memphis find the perfect dining experiences. And if you’re a manager or restaurant owner of a Memphis organic restaurant whose business hasn’t yet set up their profile, click here to learn more about building brand awareness through the Organic Restaurants platform.

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