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Aug 1, 2020

Benefits Of Buying Farm Direct

8 Reasons To Buy From Your Local Farm

At Organic Restaurants, we’re big proponents of buying right from your local farmer when possible. There are just so many benefits to buying organic produce right from the source.

You Support Local Farmers

When you buy locally, you’re supporting a local farmer that needs the business more than a larger factory farm would. The money goes right into their pocket and they can continue to grow delicious produce for everyone in your community.

Your Food Tastes Better

In many cases, the produce from a local farm could just taste better. It didn’t have to travel as far. It wasn’t sitting around as long. It’s fresh from a farm that’s just a few miles away. It’s the next best thing to picking fruits and vegetables from your own yard.

Your Produce is Likely Organic

Odds are, the produce from a local farm is organic. Of course you should ask, because there are ways to be “certified” organic, but a larger farm is simply more likely to use pesticides than a smaller farm. If your small local farm isn’t using such chemicals, you’re getting organic produce right from the source.

A Wide Variety of Produce is Available

The variety of produce available from your local farms might surprise you. Depending on where you live, it could dwarf the selection available from your grocery store. It definitely pays to check out the local farmers market so you can see exactly what your local farms are producing.

You Can Stock Up on Seasonal Produce

Buying locally makes it easier to get the produce you want each season. Stock up on apples in the fall or peaches in the summer. They’re coming from somewhere local, so you know that they’re fresh and that you’ll always have a great selection to choose from when you head to the market each season.

It’s More Eco-Friendly

As we previously mentioned, many small farms that grow organic produce are not using pesticides. That’s better for the environment, but that’s not the only way that buying farm direct can be more eco-friendly. A factory farm could also use more emissions spewing equipment, or more energy and water. We also mentioned that local produce has less distance to travel. That means less emissions are produced in the journey of those fruits and vegetables from farm to table. When you look at the big picture, buying from local farms just makes sense if you are concerned about your carbon footprint.

You’re Supporting the Local Economy

No matter how you slice it, putting money back into your local economy is always a good thing. You’re not giving money to some big company far away. You’re spending it with a local farmer, who will take that money and spend it within your community while continuing to deliver a valuable service.

You Discover Other Vendors

An organic farmers market doesn’t just play host to farmers selling produce. You can meet many other vendors as well. Craftsmen, bakers, and all sorts of small business owners can set up shop there, and by supporting them you’re also supporting your local economy.

For More Info About Organic Produce and Food Sourcing

If you have any more questions about how you can make the most out of your local organic market, our website can help. Visit Organic Restaurants today and learn more about organic products, food sourcing, and so much more!

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