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May 21, 2021

Designing Kid-Friendly Menu Choices

We all have heard that kids are picky. They don’t want to try new things or branch out, which can present problems for anyone in restaurant management.

In reality, however, the pickiness of modern kids might be overstated. Millennial parents want their kids to eat healthier, and they’re doing everything that they can to get their kids on healthier diets earlier on in life. If you take note and change up your menu a bit, you can attract these families to your restaurant and keep them coming back. These are some great items to add to your menu.

Veggie Fries

French fries are beloved by, well, everyone, but kids especially have a soft spot for them. They aren’t too healthy though. Fortunately, there are some other options for kids who like fries and parents who want them to eat more nutritious meals.

Plenty of different vegetables can be made into fries. Zucchini, sweet potato and even beets can be made into delicious fries. They make for a great side dish to any plant-based meal, and you can even experiment with offering different, fun condiments that can get kids to try something other than ketchup.

Vegan Spins on Classic Kid Food

It’s not hard to take foods loved by kids and make them a little bit healthier. Instead of chicken nuggets, find a plant-based substitute like “chick’n.” These nuggets are healthier, less greasy, and full of nutrients. They can be great for introducing kids to more plant-based foods too. There are also so many varieties of flavorful veggie burgers that can replace beef burgers, and you can find other plant-based and vegan alternatives to kid-favorite foods too.

More Choices for Sides

We mentioned fries before but also think about offering healthy sides like riced cauliflower, mashed vegetables, and other foods that kids won’t be wary of trying.

Scaled Down Versions of Adult Menu Items

Some kids don’t want to eat the food that’s just for kids. Depending on their age, they may want to eat something more similar to what the adults have. If you find that to be the case in your restaurant, adjust and keep those kids happy by offering smaller versions of adult menu items. The kids feel like they’re eating grownup food, and the parents are happy that their kids are getting the nutrition that they need.

Free Snack Plates

As families are seated, offer them free snack plates with foods like cereal, dried fruit, and crackers. It won’t ruin a kid’s appetite, but it will keep them occupied for a bit. Parents will notice and appreciate the small gesture.

Make Nutritional Info Available

Make it easy for parents to see what’s in the food that their kids are eating, and highlight what nutrients are in each dish. Parents will keep bringing their kids back if they know that the meals are good for them.

Offer Family-Friendly Deals on Certain Nights

Set a night aside and make it a family night, with special offers for families and kids. You can even experiment with new menu items specifically targeted at younger diners.

Make Your Restaurant a Bit More Family-Friendly

For more tips on how to attract families and kids to your restaurant, visit the Organic Restaurants blog. It’s full of tips and news about the latest industry trends.

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