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Jan 21, 2021

Getting Into The Organic Food Truck Business

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular these days, and that’s not a surprise given the busy lifestyles of so many people. They want to grab their food and go on their way, so an organic food truck located near their office or home is the perfect place to go for their next meal.

If you are thinking about opening a food truck, whether it’s its own thing or an offshoot of your existing organic restaurant, there are a few things to consider. Here’s why getting into the food truck business might be a good plan for you.

You Choose the Location

One of the best things about having a food truck is that you get to choose the location. Position your truck outside of popular bars on the weekend or near big transit stops to catch hungry folks on their way home. You can also take advantage of seasonal opportunities. Park near beaches and campgrounds in the summer. Stay near a stadium or arena when football, hockey, or another sport’s season is in full swing. You can even find a place to park near a local university on move in or move out day, feeding hungry kids and their parents after they’ve been on the road.

Your Menu Can Be Flexible

Most consumers don’t expect rigidity from a food truck. This is the place to experiment with your organic vegan food and try out some new dishes. If they work in the truck, they might work in your restaurant as well. If they don’t, you didn’t lose out on much. Feel free to surprise your customers and work on some new things that they may not have expected to see.

Costs Are Low

Investing in a food truck is much less expensive than opening a second location would be. The startup cost is lower, there are no utilities to worry about, and you do not have to pay as many staff members. A food truck can be a great way to expand without overextending yourself or your eatery.

The Truck Advertises Your Restaurant

If you take advantage of the mobility of the food truck and reach customers you normally wouldn’t, your food truck basically serves as advertising for your restaurant. People who experienced what your food truck has to offer now might want to visit your restaurant and get a taste of the full menu. They wouldn’t have gone before, but because you strategically located your food truck they walked past it, ordered food, and now they want more.

It Could Lead to Catering Opportunities

If you set up near an office, a business might end up wanting to use you for catering, and having a food truck can make that easier. If you’re thinking about expanding into this potentially profitable sector, definitely think about trying out a food truck and seeing how it can drive more business for you.

See How Your Restaurant Can Grow

If you’re running a healthy eatery, visit the Organic Restaurants website and learn more about how you can grow your business and reach new customers. Our blog is full of tips and we’re always updating with new resources!


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